(11th July) Opportunities to Train with GB Junior Squads

The Junior Regional Squad Training Camp based at Lagganlia will be training in Culbin (25th July) and Roseisle (27th July). Moravian members are invited to participate in the training which is expected to run from 0930-1530 each day.

The youngsters are M/W14s and the training will be at a level appropriate for that age category. It's ideal for juniors who are confident at Orange, moving to Light Green and above, as well as less experienced adults. You can read more about the camp HERE

(update 24/7/17) The Survey Monkey for people to request to take part is now closed. If you would like to take part in either or both days, but haven't signed up, you can still turn up in the hope of gatting a map, but please do not assume there will be a place for you. Also make sure you take a packed lunch with you on the day.