(15th May) Moravian's Oban Weekend - by Kate McLuckie

Kate McLuckie (W10) has been showing her talents in more ways than one this weekend. Second in the Young Junior Women class in the Scottish Urban League race on Saturday was followed up by 1st in W10A at Glen Nant in SOL4. To top off those fine runs, Kate has produced this report on what sounds like a terrific weekend away for team Moravian. Thanks for your efforts Kate (especially impressive to see a 10 year old not afraid to use a semicolon!), and well done to everyone who took part - not a single "DNF" to report!

Next week you can look forward to reading a report from the Kenyons from the Scottish Champs. Maybe there will be even more semicolons to get excited about.

SOUL 4 and SOL 4

The picturesque scenery stretched out towards Oban while intrepid orienteers faced SOUL 4 on Saturday. It was raining but very warm so the running wasn’t too hard! Quite a few Moravians were there: the McArthurs, Barrs, Hornby x1, McLuckies and former Moravians, the Riddles were there too. On Course 7 Kate and Finlay battled it out, with younger brother Finlay beating Kate by 4 secs (“No we didn’t do it together!!”). While Kathryn Barr whizzed round Course 2 in 39:53 mins coming 3rd in the Women’s Open, mother Liz Barr came 1st Moravian on Course 3 beating Morag by 80 seconds. The controls were spread out through a variety of terrains from ruined churches, beaches, boat yards, fields and some urban. Moravian did very well because everyone got a clear round. SOUL 4 was excellent and everyone was excited for what was coming next in SOL 4 on Sunday!

It was Sunday at SOL 4 at Glen Nant, the sun was shining (even though it was meant to rain) and the scenery definitely didn’t let the orienteers down. The terrain certainly didn’t give the orienteers a break as it was up down, up down, crags, battling through bracken and heather; but that didn’t stop anyone as everyone got clear rounds again! Great to see more Moravians joining in for SOL 4.  A great run for Daniel Campbell coming 9th out of 45 on the Blue and 5th in M16. A very good run too from Faith, as she came 4th on the Orange Course with some tough competition. Liz Barr was again victorious coming 1st Moravian on the Short Blue Course. There was another good run from Finlay and Kate on Yellow with Finlay coming 1st overall and Kate coming 1st girl. The weekend was a great success (and PS - Happy Birthday Fergus!)


What will the Scottish Champs hold for the intrepid Moravian orienteers next weekend?!

Results and splits from SOUL 4 (Sat 13th)

Results and splits from SOL 4 (Sun 14th)