(20th June) Wednesday Evening Club Activities

We're starting an exciting new venture of club evening activities, at least once a month, or whenever suits the activity organiser.  They will involve a variety of activities including formal coaching, physical training and social events, or a mixture of all.  We've chosen Wednesday so they fit in alongside the winter night events, Steve's training and Moray Forest Runs. Some outside, some inside, some for adults only, others aimed at families or everyone.
The first one is planned for the 28th June- 'Mental Strategies' and the next for the week after- terrain training- see 'Events' for details.
Do you have an idea for an activity and /or would you like to plan an one?  It may be that you have a particular skill you could share, or just want to get better at something and would like other people to join you (as with the terrain training one which Ali has planned because she really needs the practice).  If you have an idea, get in touch with Ali Wiseman or Roo Hornby.
Ali Wiseman
Club Secretary


couttsie29 (at) gmail.com
roo.hornby (at) btinternet.com