(25th June) Moravian Come 2nd in the Jamie Stevenson Trophy- Our Best Ever Result

Our juniors acheved the club's best-ever result in the Jamie Stevenson Trophy last Sunday. 


25 youngsters plus their supporter's club (the 2nd biggest team behind MAROC) made the trip to Perth and despite tying on points, managed to pip FVO for third on the strength of having the highest-placed 7th runner. Ordinarily, just the best 6 runs count for the team, but after tying with FVO on 588 points a piece, it turned out we had two other runners scoring 96 pts to outdo the Forth Valley team. Their best-scoring 7th runner had 93 points.

But there was no stopping MAROC who have won this event goodness nows how many years on the trot. They won by a clear 8 points so we have to hand it to them and say "well done". That said, most of our success was at the younger end while the majority of MAROC's points came at the older end, so this bodes very well for the future.Next year maybe?

We were celebrating in more ways than one, as Faith Kenyon had her birthday complete with a fantastic cake in the shape and colours of a Moravian running top! Class! You can see it on Facebook.

Our 6 scorers were:
Isobel Howard 100 pts (winner girls orange)

Kate McLuckie 99 pts (2nd girls yellow)

Hannah Kingham 99 pts (2nd girls light green)

Finlay McLuckie 98 pts (3rd boys yellow)

Michel Bishenden 96 pts (5th boys yellow)
Ida Oikkonen 96 pts (5th girls orange)

Scarlett Britain (5th Girls Yellow) and Carrie Brown (5th Girls Light Green) also scored 96 and could have counted as our 5th and 6th scorers (or been the 7th runner tie-breaker).

1. MAROC 596
2. MOR 588
3. FVO 588
4. Interlopers (Edinburgh) 583
5. INVOC 567
6. ECKO 555 (Loch Eck - Oban)
7. BASOC 555
8. ESOC (Edinbburgh Southern) 551
9. ELO (East Lothian) 536
10. TAY 365
11. GRAMP 187

12. SOLWAY 165

Full results are avaiable HERE and as usual there are tons of photos/comments (incuding Faith's amazing cake) on our Facebook Members' Group