(7th May) Bags Packed for Perth!

With the number of big events in far-flung places of late, Moravians are no strangers to packing their bags. But it was bags of a different kind that were being filled on Saturday when a large crew of members set up camp in Tesco’s Forres store.

Club member Karen Curran had been speaking to the Forres Community Champion Kerry Speed on Thursday when she learned that there had been a cancellation for charity bag packing in two days’ time. One message on the club Facebook members group, and some beating of jungle drums later, and a crew of 18 had been formed – almost a tenth of our total membership!

It was decided that the money raised would go to fund the rest of the cost of the Jamie Stevenson Trophy trip, for which we have already secured a grant from Elgin Rotary Club’s Marafun proceeds. What nobody was prepared for was the amount we raised. A staggering £511.13 which might leave us with a surplus for some other club project. A super bit of public relations for the club too. Fantastic!

“What an amazing day.” said Karen afterwards. “Thank you everyone for your help today especially with it being at such short notice. The kids were amazing, they were working like little teams helping each other, speaking to customers not just about the club and our activities but about themselves as well. A huge thanks to Tesco's for having us and to their customers for their patience and kindness. Just shows what an amazing club this is to be part of.”

Photos of the day can be seen on our members’ group on Facebook, as well as a few more on our public Facebook page.

A huge well done the Curran Family, Kenyon Family, Pippa Weir, Liz Campbell, the McLuckie Family, Liz Barr, and Nikki and Isobel Howard. Thank you all for giving up some of your Saturday.

The JST trip has become an annual treat for our families, and this year’s trip is on 25th June. The Jamie Stevenson Trophy is the annual inter-club junior team competition for Scottish Clubs. Named after Britain’s only male World Championships gold medallist who was a Scot, this competition has been run each June in the Perth area for many years. Since our first trip in 2011, it has become a Moravian tradition to hire a luxury coach to go to Perth each year and we usually muster the biggest team of all Scottish clubs.  We like to make this as low cost as possible to make sure that nobody misses out because they can;t afford to go.

The event itself is just as inclusive. It's set up so that anyone who can run a Yellow course on their own can contribute, and even those who can’t can join in by running as a pair!  It's a wonderful day out, a chance to make friends with others in the club and a one where you can experience the legendary Moravian junior bus quiz! You can see the full details of the JST here.

Although there's the Moray & Highland Junior Champs still to come on 4th June, the JST trip is our next proper “Team Moravian” away day after the Scottish Champs is over, so make a note of the date and look out for the announcement from Pippa about booking your place. Parents can accompany their children on the trip or they can come on their own. There is plenty of adult supervision provided.