Coaching 2019


Moravian Orienteering Coaching Plan 2018


There are a number of training and coaching activities on offer.  Through the year and in partnership with our neighbouring clubs and The SOA we aim to provide  a vareity of opportunities for all needs and abilities.  If there is something in particular that you would like please contact Ali Wiseman (couttsie29 'at' or one of the coaches listed below.

+++Annual Review and Plan for 2019: Wednesday 16th January 7-8:30. Venue TBC- see events list +++


*** Coaching CPD session Open to all members who help out with others ie also non qualified coaches.****

“Low Effort Coaching”  

Saturday 19 January, 2019  10- 4 pm

 Facilitated by Sarah Dunn (RDO North)

 Logie Steading, Dunphail 

The aim of this CPD day will be to share ideas on how we can set-up and run valuable club coaching opportunities which don’t take hours or days to plan and implement. The underlying philosophy being that the benefits of e.g. 10 training sessions @80% vastly exceed the benefits of 2 @100%. We will run the day through a mix of brain-storming workshop and practical sessions to test out some ideas.

Participants should come with an open mind and bring at least one idea to share with others. If you are interested in chatting with others (INVOC, MOR, GRAMP, MAROC  all are invited) then get you name down! It's a great opportunity to engage with other clubs coaches and members involved with developing our sport.

The session is open to any club member who is active in coaching at any level, formal and informal. There is no cost to the participants or clubs. 
We would love to see all levels of coaches.  Those having taken Coaching Foundation, newly qualified or less active coaches needing inspiration are massively encouraged. Interested members who 'coach' in an informal way are welcome to join in.

Bring your own lunch and compass.

 We will cap the session at 25 and registration will be first come, first served bases. Please email with your commitment to participate.

  • MAD courses (Moray Athlete Development'- self service' training)- now in Roseisle- see seperate tab in menu
  • ROMP- very similar to above but in Speyside- See SOA website- current area is Loch Vaa, not too far for us.
  • SOA coaching- usually in Speyside- next one possible November 2018- a full on day with lots of personal attention.
  • Check INVOC  and BASOC’s websites- all 3 clubs welcome each others’ members.  BASOC have a coaching activity every Tuesday evening throughout the year.
  • The Wednesday evening following a MOR weekend event will be informal training/have another go in the same area. Check newsletter and facebook for where and when to meet. This is on hold until lighter nights.
  • And also… our own events: if anyone would like to shadow or be shadowed at one of our Saturday events, please let us know and we can match you up.  This is an excellent way to progress to the next level.  It is also possible sometimes to have a training run after the event with someone more experienced whilst collecting in controls.  And don’t forget to have a good old chat/ laugh about your course and ‘route choices’ after- most experienced orienteers are only to happy to share their wisdom.  
  •  There will always be help/advice available for beginners at all our events (and other clubs')- just ask at registration.



Future club coaching sessions will be posted here... diary being made!

Sessions are open to all club members, but numbers are limited for each session.  Pre-booking will be essential noting details will appear via the Newsletter and Social Media as well as being on fixture list.


For any coaching enquiries please email Moravian Coaching Co-ordinator Ali Wiseman: couttsie29 'at'


Moravian coaching plan 2018

MOR's Coaches

Moravian uses qualified coaches licensed by SOA/British Orienteering

Please feel free to conatct any of our coaches is you need help and advice

Level 2/3: Jane Halliday, Elizabeth Furness

Level 2: Donald Grassie, Paul Furness

Level 1: Roo Hornby, Pippa Weir, Chris Spencer, Ian Addis, Nikki Howard, Fiona Newcombe, Morag McLuckie


****************** If anyone is interested in becoming a club coach please let us know courses from 'Foundation' upwards are run by the SOA and advertised on their website****************




The club has many new members, with many as juniors, and in order to retain them the club needs to provide development and challenge.

2018 coaching plan objective

A full spectrum coaching programme, to move athletes up the orienteering technical difficulty ability scale. Carol McNeil’s Technical Difficulty Summary will form the basis of all sessions. see this link:


1.Instructional coaching for complete beginners offered at as many Saturday League events as possible. 

2.Over the course of the year (March- Dec)  the programme will cater for two coaching groups, normally coached at the same time/location but as separate entities. Athletes would progress from group 1 to 2 as skills are acquired and demonstrated.   A L2 coach will act as supervisor for each session (please volunteer!) with other L2 and L1 coaches supporting.

Group 1 – “Start Group” aimed at developing independent confidence and competence at TD1/TD2; adult beginners and juniors (usually 8yrs+) who are doing the Yellow Course at Saturday League events. Group 1 will be led by a L1 coach mentored by a L2 coach and supported by other L1 or L2 coaches.

Group 1 outcomes:

  • Understand map colours and commonly used symbols
  • Orient the map using compass and terrain
  • Orienteer along tracks and paths
  • Make decisions at ‘Decision Points’ identified by a control site
  • Orienteer along obvious line features (handrails)
  • Make decisions at a ‘Decision Point’ without the assistance of a control to identify it as such.
  • Leave a line feature to go to a visible control site near to it; return to that line feature

Group 2 –“Run Group” aimed at developing confidence and competence at TD3/TD4/TD5. Participants in this group will be doing the Orange, or Lt Green/Green, course at League events independently. Juniors at the top of this group should expect to progress to Scotjos. Group 2 will be led by a level 2 coach, supported by other L1 and L2 coaches.

Group 2 outcomes:

  • Basic use of compass to allow shortcuts through the terrain between two line features.
  • Navigate a short leg on a rough compass bearing to a control on or in front of a collecting feature.
  • Simplification of legs with several Decision Points
  • Make simple route choice decisions
  • Navigate long legs on a rough compass bearing to a collecting feature
  • Fine orienteering on short legs using an accurate bearing
  • Navigate for short distances using simple contour features - hills, ridges, large re-entrants and spurs.
  • Navigate for long distances using only major contour features  
  • Read and interpret complex contours
  • Use all the different skills and adapt speed & technique to changes in the terrain and orienteering difficulty
  • Able to warm up appropriately


Moravian Club Coaching Plan 2018                                        Theme: Building Skills