Could you be the new Public Face of Moravian Orienteers?

We're looking for people to assist Suzanne with publicity for the club.


Mike Rodgers took on the self-appointed role of Moravian Publicity Person around 10 years ago when the club was under threat of extinction due to dwindling numbers. Mike is taking a break from the role so we're on the lookout for people who'd like to help keep the club in the public eye, and ensure continued recognition for the many achievements of our members. Suzanne Lynch-McKay has taken on the lead publicity role, especially with our Facebook page and event promotion, and it would be great to form a publicity team to share the workload. Could you help to make a difference?

In the beginning, most of our publicity was through the local press - weekly newspapers including the Nairnshre Telegraph, Northern Scot, Forres Gazette and Banffshire Herald have all featured orienteering stories for many years, while the Press & Journal have covered some of the bigger stories. Thanks to some terrific colourful imagery, much of it supplied by Chris Spencer, readers have seen orienteering portrayed as a vibrant, fun sport enjoyed by young and old. Few people in the area aren't aware that an orientering club exists in Moray. 

As time moved on, social media became much more important. Readership of the local papers reduced as many got their news fix on line. Mike, although he insists he's very much an amateur and still doesn't own a smart phone, was the driving force behind our presence on Facebook and Twitter which is now contributed to by a great many people in the club. But rather than making the job easier, it doubled the workload! Social media is only going to get more important as the years go by, so anyone with great skills in that department would be a perfect fit for the role.

One of the best things about the role, according to Mike, is that you soon become very familiar with most people in the club, and very tuned in to what's happening. So the role would suit anyone who is sociable and enjoys getting to know people - how great an orienteer you are is irrelevant. Some flair for creative writing also helps, but this tends to be something you pick up as you go along. An increasingly important part of the role is connecting with groups, clubs and people outside orienteering, which means keeping a good eye out on social media and in the local press for relevant opportunities.

In summary, the main aspects to the role of publicity officer are listed below. The good news is that all of it is no more than "nice to do" so it doesn't carry with it the pressure that some club roles do. We are such a big club now that we don't need to attract new members to survive, so all publicity we get is a bonus rather than a necessity.

If you're interested, speak to Suzanne - or you'll have no trouble getting hold of her via Facebook!


The lead publicity officer ensures that someone (ie not necessarily you).......

 - writes regular articles for the local press

 - lisises with event organizers regarding event publicity

 - submits timely info about events to local "what's on" listings"
 - keeps the web site updated with regular news stories. Always try to keep something interesting and current on the front page.
 - submits publicity items to the weekly TuesNews
 - keeps the public facebook page supplied with club news that might be of interest to the wider public, including monitoring wider social media to engage with other clubs/agencies (sharing stories, interacting with posts etc).

 - runs paid event promotions on Facebook.

 - and does anything publicity-wise that's not been thought of before.