Crooked Wood Organizing Team’s Comments

Thanks to everyone for coming and testing yourselves on what has to be said were some pretty tough courses.

The pre-event blurb didn’t lie. The Light Green was well longer than a “traditional” light green. The irony was that this was planned so that our top-end orienteers got a good workout, but as it happened all of them were elsewhere such as at the Scottish Night Champs down south!! It was impressive that there was only one “dnf” and she got most of the way round before calling time.

The absence of the superstars paved the way for our regular visitor from GRAMP Bob Daly to see himself at the top of the results, and for one of our newer members, Warwick Taylor from Nairn, to earn himself 100 points for the being the best Moravian.

The Orange course was right at the top end of the course-difficulty guidelines for orange (technical difficulty 3) and the recent forestry work made the going quite physical too. Well done to everyone who completed it, particularly the junior runners who have recently moved up from yellow.

The Yellow course caught a few people out. It was confusing to have so many unmapped extraction lanes due to the forestry operations. The original course had been completely re-planned as it was even worse in the original part of the woods that the course went through. There was one path from 9 to 10 that some people found hard to spot. Had this been a higher-grade (Level C) event there would have been a “controller” quality checking the courses and more than likely would have tested every possible route between controls. With planning being a one-man operation for this event this is something that slipped through the net. Every pre-event recce to the woods was in pouring rain so let’s blame that!  If you got caught out please don’t blame yourself too much!  Hopefully the forest will recover and the vehicle lanes will slowly disappear as the undergrowth recovers.

Thanks to all the event helpers, and to the pupils of Lhanbryde Primary School P7 class who learned how we do registration and how to operate the computers in the weeks leading up to the event. We think they did a great job on “front of house”!

Do come to our next event at Darnaway on Sunday 21st Feb. This one IS a Level C event and it’s using the map used for the World Champs so it’s guaranteed to be 100% accurate. Not an event to be missed. You’ll find details in our events section and you can enter on-line at Oentries.


Mike, Donna, Ian, Paul and the rest of the crew.