Faith's exciting adventures towards her 100 badge and on to who knows where.

During the Scottish 6 Days, Faith Kenyon was presented with her Scottish Orienteering badge for having completed 100 competitive races. The badge was handed over by none less than  international superstar Jess Tullie. Faith's achievement is all the more remarkable given that she only did her first event in April 2015! Since the start of this year, she's been keeping a wall map of all the places that orienteering's taken her. Here is what Faith has to tell us about it.

100 Badge

At the start of 2017 I was looking at a map of Scotland and I said that I wanted to go orienteering all over Scotland and to get my 100 badge this year.


I had done 63 events so far.  I did my first ever event near Elgin when I was 9 and got my 100 badge at the Scottish 6 days when I was 12.


The furthest south I have been orienteering was the SOL at Drumlanrig Castle in Dumfries and Galloway.  The furthest north was Lossiemouth.  I did my first light green course with my mum in the sand dunes at Balmedie, the most easterly, but mum slowed me down!


I was really pleased when there was a SOL near Oban, Glen Nant, this meant I could go really far west.

I like looking at the stickers on the map because it reminds me of where we’ve been.  My favourite place ever is the Trossachs, I also enjoyed Drumlanrig Castle because it was a beautiful day and there were lambs.

I hope to continue going all over Scotland and complete at least 200 events.

Faith Kenyon

A terrific tale

Clearly a young lady going places. I wonder how many members realize you can comment on stories that appear on the site.