General Data Protection Regulations - Members Information

General Data Protection Regulations


Moravian Orienteers has always aimed to respect and protect the personal data of all our members, noting that the vast majority of your orienteering relevant data is collected by BOF or the SOA and shared with appropriate and approved Moravian committee members.


As you may be aware, new General Data Protection Regulations, known as GDPR, come into law with effect from 25 May 18.  GDPR imposes new rules around data protection for any organisation that collects and uses data about EU residents.  The new regulation will have an impact on all sport and recreation organisations and it will change the way that we handle, use and store data about the people we engage with.  The regulation is designed to strengthen existing data protection laws for all individuals who reside in the EU.


The new rules will come into force in the UK from 25 May 2018.  The Government has confirmed that the UK’s decision to leave the EU will not affect the commencement of GDPR, although we don’t yet know how Brexit may impact data protection legislation long term.


In essence, these new regulations make changes to existing law to make it clear to you (our membership) on what personal data we hold on you; how we intend to use it; and to make clear to you the rights you have with that data. 


To be compliant with GDPR, Moravian Orienteers has produced a privacy policy statement which can be found under the Data Protection tab on our website.  That document details the information we collect on you, how we use it and your rights.


Moravian has also made changes to its membership website to ensure that you are aware of the data that will be collected by BOF and SOA should you re-join our Club next year.  You will also see entry information enhanced at our events (in final details and on the entry table) to make it clear to you how information for the event will be used.


Full details on the new GDPR can be found at the link here.


Should you have any further queries or questions, then do not hesitate to contact Andrew Campbell, who is our Data Protection Lead. (andrewandlizcampbell at