How to Join Moravian Orienteers



Now is the time to renew your orienteering membership for 2019.  Our membership runs on an annual basis January through to December.  Your membership will be valid immediately and will carry through until the end of 2019.  There are lots of benefits to be a member, the most obvious one is that it's cheaper to take part in events! 


Membership Options


Like 2018, there are two membership options available for 2019.  Membership through British Orienteering and membership through the Scottish Orienteering Association.

Membership through British Orienteering includes automatic membership of Scottish Orienteering, so members get the benefit of both.  Membership through Scottish Orienteering is aimed at orienteers who want to participate in local events only.  Members at this level will not be included in national rankings or participate in the Incentive Scheme (a reward scheme for beginners as you progress through the various technical difficulty levels).  We encourage members to renew or join via British Orienteering as this supports the wider development of orienteering across the UK. 




Want to renew our recommended way via British Orienteering?  Please login to the British Orienteering website here and renew your membership via the ‘My Account’ page.  Lapsed members from previous years can also renew their membership this way.  To join new, please click here to go through the joining process.  Please select ‘MOR’ as your club and ‘SOA’ as your association when you're taken to the British Orienteering page.  If you are interested in the Scottish Orienteering only scheme, please click here.




Membership through British Orienteering for 2019 costs £19 for adults and £5 for juniors (under 21).  This automatically gives you membership of Scottish Orienteering.  Membership through Scottish Orienteering alone for 2019 costs £8 for adults and is free for juniors (under 21).  The sport of orienteering heavily subsidises junior membership because we know how important it is to have young people in our sport.  If your son or daughter is joining, we'd encourage an adult family member to join too in order to help the sport grow in the UK.




Where to start! 


·         Access to a brilliant sport with opportunities to compete at exciting national competitions.  British Orienteering members will attract lower entry fees for national events.

·         Discounted entry fees at local orienteering events (£1 off for Saturday Series events and £2 adult/£1 junior off for our bigger local events).

·         Automatic inclusion in our club leagues.

·         Access to technical coaching and training days, and access to our ‘members only’ section on the Moravian website to download training maps.

·         Opportunities to be part of a club team in events and relay races, and to help design courses at events.

·         Opportunities to help at club events, make new friends and get to know new people, including invites to club social events

·         Access to the club maps and equipment (if you'd like to put on an activity at school or at home (a family mini event, for example)).

·         Membership of the British Orienteering incentive and ranking schemes (not applicable for Scottish Orienteering members).

·         Access to Scottish Orienteering's Participation Badge Scheme for junior members.

·         Regular British Orienteering and Scottish Orienteering newsletters, depending on your membership.

·         Weekly e-bulletins with club news and forthcoming events/activities.

·         10% discount at Run4It running shop in Inverness.

·         A vast range of other money discounts and offers (see below) from many national and local companies through the British Orienteering member discounts scheme (not applicable for Scottish Orienteering members).  Save money by joining and re-coup your membership fees!



So Join Today


There's never been a better time to get in to the adventure running sport of orienteering.  The Scottish 6 days orienteering festival takes place in Perthshire in the summer, with Moravian involved its organisation, whilst Scottish and National events (forest, sprint and urban) take place throughout the year. 


So you're thinking about joining the club?  We'd certainly love to have you, even if you can only manage the occasional event.  We currently have around 200 members.  We welcome members of all ages.  Families are particularly well catered for at all our events - there's always at least one course suitable for young children.  You can try up to three of our events before joining, so that you can see for yourself whether you and your family would enjoy orienteering.


If you've heard about orienteering, like what you've seen and want to be part of it, even if it’s only now and again, then become one of our club members.  Please also join our Facebook page which is probably the easiest way to keep in touch with what's happening in the club.  We also have a "members only" Facebook group for club chat, lift sharing, swapping stories etc.  We're also on Twitter @MoravianOClub


Data Protection 


In becoming a member of either British Orienteering or Scottish Orienteering, British Orienteering and Scottish Orienteering will collect certain information about you which will include your name, date of birth, gender, membership number, email address, address, telephone number, name of the BOF affiliated Association and club that you are a member of (Moravian Orienteers in this case) and details of any coaching or officiating licenses you hold and results.  Relevant and approved Moravian officials will hold copies of your British Orienteering or Scottish Orienteering membership data. 


British Orienteering and Scottish Orienteering will process your Membership Data for the purposes of registering you as a member of either British Orienteering or Scottish Orienteering and administering your involvement in the sport and as a member of Moravian Orienteers.  They will process it based on legitimate interests.  The legitimate interests are the interests of registering you as a member and to administer the sport.  They will only use your Membership Data for the purposes of registering and administering your involvement in the sport.


Full details of Moravian’s Data Protection Policy can be found here.