Latest British Orienteering Awards

After the massive Moravian turnout at Nairn on 27th August, a whole crowd of members have achieved awards in the British Orienteering Incentive Scheme (click on the link to read more about it).

Well done to the following, and especially to Kaisa and Fiona who have reached the highest level of 5 Stars Racing Gold. That means your orienteering apprenticeship is complete. You've made the grade!

Racing Challenge

5 Star Gold: Fiona Newcombe, Kaisa Oikkonnen
5 Star Silver: Stuart Thompson, Stephen Wiseman
4 Star Gold: Shauna Perry
4 Star Bronze: Eva Wiseman, John Pullen
3 Star Gold: Kate McLuckie
3 Star Silver: Kirsty Anderson
3 Star Bronze: Karen Fraser
2 Star Silver: Callum Thompson, Ewan Thompson
2 Star Bronze: Iona Thompson
1 Star Bronze: Gemma Curran
Navigation Challenge
5 Stars: Stuart Thompson
4 Stars: Eva Wiseman, John Pullen
3 Stars: Scarlett Britain