Moravian Half Century at Anagach

There was an excellent turnout of Morvians at Angach for INVOC's magnificent Regional ranking event at Grantown, attended by over 200 people. The event was enhanced by a superb new map, created by our own Steve Smirthwaite (Trailmaps) thanks to funding from the Berry Burn Community Fund.

50 members ran, as well as a few unattached people who we've seen at our events recently.  There was a distinctly high-quality feel to the field, thanks partly to the event being used by MAROC's elite junior training camp, and the presence of a World Champs runner at the sharp end. 

Our sole class winner was one of our longest-standing members, David Ritchie. David is the fine chap who prints the maps for our events at his printing firm A4 Print and Moravian Digital Press. He has a splendid orienteering pedigree, having been around the club way back in 1976 when GB first hosted the World Champs. He's also a rugby union referee, so now you know not to mess with him. The start of the Long-Distance race in Darnaway was within a stone's throw of David's front door so now you know that as well.

On his Anagach experience, David said "It was great to see a 1976 map of Anagach along with the results at the registration. My result back then was a mediocre 22nd on the 'A' course so nothing changes. But a lot of folk orienteered that day on a map we were probably laughing at if we saw it last Sunday. Oh the good old days!"

Morag's dad (D Vass) and also the evergreen Neil McLean, who was also running on Sunday, featured in the results that were on display for the 1976 event. Morag says her kids were very pleased to see their grandad's name up there in lights!


But we digress. It was fine to see some of our juniors tackling courses at a harder level than they're used to, most notably W12 Faith Kenyon who ran, and successfully completed, the Green course, earning herself a British Orienteering Bronze award in the process. Look at her GPS trace on Routegdget - you should be impressed!

Small map, click to enlarge

M/W10 brother and sister Finlay and Kate McLuckie, who have had a fantastic season, tackled Orange and Light Green respectively, both courses at a harder level than they would be expected to run in championship events. Finlay made a couple of errors early on, which is what it's all about when you move up a level, but he ran a great second half of his race having learned from his mistakes. Kate was 10th out of 35 with no really serious errors. Splendid stuff but don't forget to put your routes on Routegadget guys. It will help you improve and learn from your experience.

Warwick Taylor, Hannah Kingham and Kirsty McArthur, who have all been progressing well this year, had an entertaining battle on Green, finishing within 3 minutes of each other in 5th, 6th and 7th. Meanwhile Ade Champan and our new fixtures co-ordinator Denise Main were showing up very well on Blue in 7th and 8th.

One of our newest members, Fraser Macmillan, came 3rd on Yellow, gaining his British Orienteering Gold Award in the process. His sisters Isla and Una also took part in what was probably their first event, and hopefully we'll be welcoming them as members soon.

INVOC did a great job of publishing the results the same evening, and the times have already been uploaded to British Orienteering. Everyone aged 16 and over has had their ranking points added to the National Rankings when the table was updated last Thursday morning.



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