Moravian orienteering club is committed to working within the guidelines for child protection set out by the Scottish Orienteering Association's code of conduct for the protection of children in sport, and its Child Protection Policy dated January 2009, updated as appropriate. Full details of these guidelines and the policy are to be found on the SOA Website


We aim to promote good practice as described under the SOA guidelines in order to:

1. Make sport fun, enjoyable and promote fair play.
2. Treat all children equally, with respect, dignity and fairness.
3. Involve parents wherever possible.
4. Build balanced relationships based on mutual trust that empower and include children in the decision-making process.
5. Ensuring any individual in a private or unobserved situation (eg an experienced club member shadowing a junior) is always approved by a parent.
6. Put the welfare of each child first before winning or achieving performance goals.
7. Be an excellent role model including not smoking or drinking alcohol in the company of children.
8. Give enthusiastic and constructive feedback rather than negative criticism.
9. Recognise the developmental needs and capacity of children and avoid excessive training and competition, pushing them against their will and putting undue pressure on them.


The aims of the Moravian Junior Development Programme are as follows:

1. To help junior orienteers to progress in the sport to a level where they can confidently participate in, and enjoy the sport at a local level. This will be achieved by providing a regular programme of low-key local events and training activities.
2. To encourage the highest possible level of parental involvement in developing the child's orienteering skills.
3. To encourage and assist talented juniors who wish to participate in higher level coaching activities.
4. To enter junior teams wherever possible in team competitions.
5. To encourage a healthy but friendly rivalry between junior orienteers in the club and in neighbouring clubs.
6. To encourage active involvement in club events and activities by junior members, both at an organisational and participation level.
7. To present badge awards for achievement in colour coded events from white to orange standards. Club badges will be awarded to every junior members who achieves first, second or third place in any such colour coded course.
8. To promote the SOA participation badge award scheme whereby badges are awarded when juniors have attended 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 events.


The Junior Development Programme will be supported by a schools' development initiative that aims to:

1. Work primarily alongside the Moray Active Schools team to promote awareness of, and participation in orienteering within Moray schools.
2. Organise an annual Moray Schools Festival in the springtime, supported by smaller events for area schools groups in the autumn.
3. Provide advice and mapping contacts to schools wishing to map their school grounds.
4. Provide advice and, where possible, assistance to schools wishing to stage their own orienteering activities.
5. Encourage Moray schools to enter national schools competitions.
6. Provide encouragement and resources to encourage schools to stage their own events using mapped school areas.
7. Encourage membership of the club by school representatives, and to support these members by assisting them in providing orienteering activities in their schools.
8. Promote junior competitions in tandem with Inverness Orienteering Club.


The club will appoint a Child Protection Officer (CPO) who will be on the club's management committee. The CPO's duties will comprise:

1. Acting as the club signatory for disclosure applications for club members, and submitting applications.
2. Identifying and encouraging new coaches and coaching assistants from within the club and encouraging them to gain appropriate qualifications
3. Ensuring that all official junior training activities are registered with British Orienteering.
4. Being the lead Moravian junior coach.
5. Acting as the focal point for schools liaison.
6. Maintain records of junior badge awards.


The club CPO may appoint other club coaches or coaching assistants. Club coaches must be Disclosure Scotland checked and have gained a Level 1 UKCC qualification in coaching orienteering. Coaching assistants must be Disclosure Scotland checked but do not need any formal qualifications. Official club junior coaching activities must be run by a club coach; coaching assistants may assist with official training sessions under the guidance of a club coach. However, there is nothing in this policy that prevents coaching assistants or other club members running unofficial sessions provided that the agreement of the parents of every child involved has been obtained.


The Club will also aim to have schools liaison officers for the area schools groups in Moray. While this will not always be possible, there may be liaison officers for the following areas:

- Forres (including surrounding rural areas)
- Elgin
- Lossiemouth (incl Hopeman, Burghead and Gordonstoun).
- South Moray (Speyside area).
- East Moray (Buckie, Fochabers, Keith areas).


Each liaison officer will aim to work with the local Active Schools Co-ordinator to promote an annual orienteering competition for schools in their area, both primary and secondary. The event should take place in the autumn or early spring and will act as preparation for the Moray Schools Festival. They will also act as a focal point of contact for advising schools on mapping and equipment, advising schools of forthcoming events in their local area hence encouraging interested children to participate in mainstream orienteering.