Our Week at the Scottish 6 Days

This blog has been updated each day and provides a summary of how we got on at the Scottish 6 Days last week, including results, photos and those terrific Poppycock films. An even quicker summary can be seen in this "how did we all do?" table. Members can leave comments by clicking the "comment" link at the bottom. Please let us all know what you thought of the 6 Days - it might just persuade a few others to make holiday plans for 2019. Well done to all who took part, and special thanks to the many who helped to stage Day 5 - see the comments from our Acting Chairman further down

We were delighted to see a few of our newer members dipping their toes in to a big summer orienteering festival for the first time. We hope that this will have given you an exciting flavour in to just how much fun, and how suitable for beginners, the bigger events in our sport are.

There were no fewer than 14 Moravian top 10 finishes on Day 1, a day of lovely sunshine and a lovely area at Glen Tanar. That was followed on Day 2 (an equally sunny Balfour) by another 14 top 10s, with Isobel claiming her second win in 2 days. Isobel needs to explain to the rest of us mortals how it's possible to make a 6-minute mistake and still beat everyone else.

Day 3 was at Birsemore Hill, next to the Day 2 area and using the same car parking and assembly areas. We had 15 top-10 places today, although some found it hard going. Scottish orienteering at its toughest!

Pride of place has to go to Hannah Kingham who was just 2 seconds off a win in W14A, beaten only by the current series leader. They had the exact same time at the final control but reigning Brtish Champion Rachel Brown (ESOC) was just that bit faster down the run-in. A fine run too from Dave Weir whose 2nd place on M55L pulled him up to overall 5th in this exceptionally-competitive class of hardened veterans. There have been several good runs from people who never quite made the top 10, and bear in mind that on the Long/A classes there are most of the best orienteers in the land as opposition. Enjoy the rest day folks, and if you're doing the urban event in Ballater, enjoy the smooth surface!

On the euphemistically named "rest day" 588 runners, including several Moravians, couldn't resist the lure of the Urban Sprint Race round the streets, nooks and crannies of Ballater. Normally they'd be scaring the tourists but given the fact that most of the tourists were probably orienteers they'll have had to settle for worrying the locals. Well done again to Isobel for her third win of the week!

You just can't beat consistency. On  Day 4 at Creag Choinnich by Braemar we once again had 15 top tens, and the seniors outdid the juniors for a change. Signs of stamina starting to show through perchance? It was nice to see the Turners, one of our newer families from Aberlour, making it down for the day where Fergus and Patrick tackled the Yellow very succesfully. Not having been there, I'm finding it hard to call the performance of the day but Donald Grassie's 4th place on M60S must come close considering there were 51 runners. Of course, we could be celebrating Oonagh Grassie's win on the female equivalent course, but how could we possibly acknowledge someone running for GRAMP (which is of course Oonagh's 1st club). At least Donald has the good taste to run in Moravian colours, but in the spirit of tact and diplomacy who can argue with husband and wife running for different rival clubs?  One thing that most certainly was worth celebrating was our oldest competitor here at the 6 Days reaching his 75th birthday. Derek McNeil marked the occasion by mispunching on M75L to stop him getting his best result of the week so far!

Day 5 was our organizing day. It's not easy running after a long stint on your feet, so our 13 top 10 places were a fair return. An excellent run from Mairi today to claim 4th on W16A.  Roo, our acting Chair said "What an amazing bunch of volunteers you were! Thank you all so much for your help in putting on an outstanding event at Glen Feardar on Day 5 of Scottish 6 Days. You presented the event and the club at its very best and can all be incredibly proud." Hard to argue with that.

Normal service was resumed on Day 6 when we were back to 15 in the top 10. There was much to play for, as some of our top performers were in with a shout for an overall podium place (see below). It can be tough on the final day as accumulated fatigue plays a factor - some seem to thrive on it while others are just hanging in there! But for everyone, whichever end of the results table they finished at, it's been a wonderful week of cameraderie, fresh air and exercise in the most stunning surroundings. Here's to the next one in 2019, and of course we can all return to Rotal Deeside next May for the Brtish Championships which will be a wonderful opportunity for our juniors in particular - especially our legendary junior relay teams!

The overall championship standings are based on each individual's best 4 runs on the week and are included in the highlights below. In the final standings we had 1 class winner (Isobel Howard W12A), 1 second place (Kate McLuckie W10A), 1 third place (Finlay McLuckie M10A), 2 fourth places (Pippa Weir W50S, Katy McNeil W45S). Hannah Kingham was 6th on W14A and Kirsty McArthur 7th on W21S. 

Day 1 Highlights:

1st: Kate McLuckie (W10A), Isobel Howard (W12A), Katy McNeil (W45S)
2nd: Finlay McLuckie (M10A), Faith Kenyon (W12A), Pippa Weir (W50S)
5th: Alana Coutts (W10A)
6th: Sophie Howard (W10A)
7th: Hannah Kingham (W14A), Josh Britain (M14B)
8th: Mairi Weir (W16A)
9th: Kirsty McArthur (W21S)
10th: Hannah Wiseman (White), Dave Weir (M55L)

Results Day 1

Film Highlights Day 1

Photo Gallery Day 1 (Wendy Carlyle)


Day 2 Highlights:

1st: Finlay McLuckie (M10A), Isobel Howard (W12A)
3rd: Kate McLuckie (W10A)
4th: Scarlett Britain (W10A)
6th: Alan Halliday (M60S), Faith Kenyon (W12A), Pippa Weir (W50S)
7th: Katy McNeil (W45S)
8th: Alana Coutts (W10A), Hannah Kingham (W14A)
9th: Paul Coutts (M45S), Dave Weir (M55L), Penelope Smirthwaite (W55S), Josh Britain (M14B)

Results Day 2

Film Highlights Day 2

Photo Gallery Day 2 (Steve Rush - BOC - most Moravians are on pages 6-8)

Overall standings for the week (after 2 events)


Day 3 Highlights:

2nd - Dave Weir (M55L), Kate McLuckie (W10A), Isobel Howard (W12A), Hannah Kingham (W14A)
3rd - Finlay McLuckie (M10A), Andrew Barr (Green), Nick Barr (Lt Green)
4th - Katy McNeil (W45S), Pippa Weir (W50S)
5th - Donald Grassie (M60S)
7th - Hannah Wiseman (W10B)
8th - Josh Britain (M14B)
9th - Faith Kenyon (W12A)
10th - Scarlett Britain (W10A), Eva Wiseman (W12A)

Results Day 3

Film Highlights Day 3 (not on You Tube yet so you'll need to find it on the Facebook page the link points to)

Day 3 Photo Gallery (Wendy Carlyle)

Overall standings for the week (after 3 events)


Urban Race (Rest Day) Highlights:

1st - Isobel Howard (Young Junior Women 12-)
5th - Kate McLuckie (Young Junior Women 12-)
4th - Mairi Weir (W16-), Jon Hollingdale (M40+)
8th - Jane Halliday (W55+)

And a special mention to our only runner in the open class - Kirsty McArthur 23rd/53.

Urban Results


Day 4 Highlights:

2nd - Kate McLuckie (W10A)

4th - Elizabeth Furness (W60S), Finlay McLuckie (M10A), Donald Grassie (M60S), Penelope Smirthwaite (W55S), Nick Barr (Light Green)

5th - Isobel Howard (W12A)

7th - Hannah Kingham (W14A), Kirsty McArthur (W21S), Katy McNeil (W45S), Pippa Weir (W50S)

8th - Carole Chapman (W55S)

9th - Faith Kenyon (W12A)

10th - Alan Coutts (W10A), Jane Halliday (W55L)

Results Day 4

Day 4 Photo Gallery (Wendy Carlyle)

Film Highlights Day 4

Overall standings for the week (after 4 events)


Day 5 Highlights:

3rd - Finlay McLuckie (M10A), Kate McLuckie (W10A), Faith Kenyon (W12A)

4th - Alana Coutts (W10A), Isobel Howard (W12A), Mairi Weir (W16A), Kirsty McArthur (W21S)

6th - Katy McNeil (W45S), Penelope Smirthwaite (W55S)

7th - Dave Weir (M55L), Hannah Kingham (W14A), Josh Britain (M14B)

9th - Scarlett Britain (W10A), Jane Halliday (W55L)


Results Day 5

Film Highlights Day 5

Overall standings for the week (after 5 events)
Day 5 Photo Gallery (Steve Rush)

Day 5 Photo Gallery (Wendy Carlyle)


Day 6 Highlights:

1st - Kate McLuckie (W10A)
3rd - Isobel Howard (W12A)

5th - Anna Howard (W10B), Penelope Smirthwaite (W55S), Elizabeth Furness (W60S)

6th - Hannah Kingham (W14A), Kirsty McArthur (W21S), KatyMcNeil (W45S)

7th - Josh Britain (M14B), Derek McNeil (M75S), Faith Kenyon (W12A)
9th - Finlay McLuckie (M10A), Alana Coutts (W10A)
10th - Scarlett Britain (W10A), Hannah Wiseman (W10B)

Day 6 Results

Final Overall standings

Mike's report on the final results