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Good Turnout, Icy Tunnels and Parallel Errors at Culloden

It was 1746 when the last big battle took place on Culloden's blasted heath. So perhaps it was appopriate that it was 46 Moravian battlers who made the trip over to ensure that the Highlanders once again came off second best. Thanks to Liz Campbell for sending in this week's "away day" story.....


A big crowd of 46 travelling Moravians made up just under half of the field of exactly 100 on an unusually mild December day at Culloden. The venue for registration and assembly, at Culloden Free Church, was great and very sociable. Jenny Blackwood, an INVOC junior whose mum Susan is an Active Schools Co-Ordinator who does a lot of the junior stuff for INVOC, did a fine job providing tea, coffee and cake, raising money for a trip to Africa next year. Lots of people stayed around after their runs to chat and to watch the Fraser and Taylor girls play at buses with a row of play chairs in the middle of the hall! They were so funny to watch, getting on with their own little world, oblivious to the outside world! Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. More of that later.

As you might expect (because we are so good) we supplied the winners for 3 of the 5 courses. With this event counting for the Moravian Saturday League, where Andrew Campbell has now made it to the top of the tree, there was every incentive to go for it.

Even so, the icy stream flowing along the tunnel under the railway, which was the best route between 9 and 10 on the Green course, failed to tempt Mr Campbell. Although it was control 17 that ultimately cost him the race, would the few seconds he could have saved to help get closer to Jon Hollingdale really have been worth the ice bath? Despite being in denial about needing to wear specs, he claims he failed to spot the route option, but as Liz has kindly revealed, our Andrew is simply a “wuss”. We will leave them to argue about the merits of that observation over the dinner table or the washing up.

It’s not just at the major events where you come away saying “I learned about orienteering from that”. Smaller local events are ideal for developing your skills and learning (hopefully) from your mistakes. Liz Campbell was one such learner after spending 10 minutes, just like the wee girls, in a little world of her own. There she was, running up and down a path trying to find her no 8 on the Short Green course. She even went far enough along the path to be able to actually see her no 6 before carrying on running headlessly up and down the same path. Eventually the penny dropped that she should have been on the next path south from there. “It wasn’t like I lost count of paths” said an exasperated Liz. “I only had to count to 1”.  Folks, this is what’s called a parallel error. Following an identical feature to the one you should be following that runs in the same direction. Always be aware of similar features near to your route, and if it all goes pear shaped think whether you might have made a parallel error. 


(editor's note - you can put Liz's mistake in to context by checking out the courses on INVOC's Routegadget)

At the end of the day, some of us basked in glory while others headed homewards to think again. But for everyone it was another fine day out in the fresh air and great outdoors which, at the end of the day, is surely what it's all about. That's all for now, until we meet the Northern Night Cup or Cluny Hill for those who are afraid of the dark........ 

Oh, and for the record books, the leading Moravian performances were:

1. Jon Hollingdale
2. Andrew Campbell
Short Green

2. Steve Smirthwaite

3. Fran Britain

Light Green

1. Scott Perry

2. Faith Kenyon

1. Finlay McLuckie


3. Matilda Taylor


Split time results re on INVOC's web site via this link


PS – INVOC have put a list of lost property on their Facebook page:

one pair of red Inov-8 running shoes size 9

one pair of black waterproof socks

one pair of black gaiters

a set of grey earphones

a child’s glove – black with 4 navy blue stripes

if any of this is yours please contact the event organiser:
Carolyn Cload (

13 Moravian Age Class Winners at the Scottish Score Champs

A Moravian name will be on 12 of the Scottish Score Championships trophies for 2017 after a great turnout form the club secured almost half of the 28 age-category trophies handed out at a well-attended awards ceremony in the Eight Acres Hotel.

We had incredible good fortune with the weather after a horrible week came to an end with a Sunday of sparkling blue skies to delight the crowd of over 150 runners who turned out.

Our event team of Ken Anderson (organiser), Fiona Newcombe (planner), Steve Smirthwaite (planner's assistant) and Marsela McLeod (controller) did an excellent job, helped no end by Rob Hickling from Grampian Orienteers who came to our assistance by loaning, setting up and helping to operate GRAMP's Score event software, as well as bringing along some of their IT equipment including the wireless live results kit. We hope you liked the luxury of getting your results stright to your phone.

The large turnout of juniors was remarked upon by several visiting runners from other clubs, and it was excellent to see so many juniors invoved with the various helping-out jobs from officiating at the start to sorting used brikkes - it gave people a great impression of what we're about as a club. Isobel, with her flying fingers, seems to have become Rosie and Ian's right-hand woman on the computers! They make a great team.

It wasn't a day for over-running your time. Harsh penalties of 20 points per minute late back meant that quite a few decent scores were completely wiped out , but this was compensated for by some really nice running conditions. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves and weren't too bothered about your net score, particularly some of our very recently-joined members who will have been doing a score event for the very first time.

Our Chairman Roo did a very fine job with the prize ceremony, where trophies were awarded to the following. Congratulations to all Moravian winners!

Course 1: 70-minute Score

M20-35, W21





Jack Gomersall




Katrina McLeod




Rupert Hornby




Course 2: 60-minute Score

M16-18, W16-20, W35+, M40+

Daniel Gooch




Jon Hollingdale




Sam Gomersall




Robert Daly




Megan Keith




Eddie Harwood




Pete Lawrence




Joel Gooch (M14)




Carolyn McLeod




Gilly Kirkwood




Neil McLean




Kaisa Oikkonen




Nikki Howard




Pauline McAdam




Sheila Strain




Morag McLuckie




Joan Noble




Douglas Murray




Roger Robb




Course 3: 40-minute Score


Hannah Kingham




Finlay Raynor




Kate McLuckie




Finlay McLuckie




Lewis McWilliam




Isobel Howard





Moray Sporting Recognition Awards - A Remarkable Night

It was a memorable night for the club at Elgin Town Hall when two of the 13 awards went to Moravian members, and one to an ex member.

We had 6 nominees shortlisted for the ceremony which was attended by dignitaries from all over Moray and compered by Laurence Findlay, Head of Schools at Moray Council.  Isobel Howard and Hannah Kingham were up for the Junior Sports Athlete of the Year, Scott Hamilton was nominated for the Coach Award, Mick Curran and Lil Kenyon for the School Sport Award and Mairi Weir for the Intermediate Sportswoman of the Year.

Former Moravian members Jenny Bichan, Kyle Cartmell and Bruce Evans had also been nominated for Local Service to Sport, Intermediate Sportsman of the Year and Junior Sports Athlete. Kyle was the winner in his category, reward for some fantastic peformances on two wheels.To cap it all, Forres Academy's orienteering Team were up for Intermediate Team of the Year.

Speyside High School AwardsLil and Mairi were the current Moravians to leave with awards. Mairi had been nominated by Speyside High School for her performance and leadership, which was an accolade in itself, while Lil had been nominated by Active Schools for all her work putting on schools festivals and after school sessions, as well as instructing for Bikeability.

We are very proud of everyone involved. To have such a strong representation at this high-profile event says everything about the club and its members

Moravian Half Century at Anagach

There was an excellent turnout of Morvians at Angach for INVOC's magnificent Regional ranking event at Grantown, attended by over 200 people. The event was enhanced by a superb new map, created by our own Steve Smirthwaite (Trailmaps) thanks to funding from the Berry Burn Community Fund.

50 members ran, as well as a few unattached people who we've seen at our events recently.  There was a distinctly high-quality feel to the field, thanks partly to the event being used by MAROC's elite junior training camp, and the presence of a World Champs runner at the sharp end. 

Our sole class winner was one of our longest-standing members, David Ritchie. David is the fine chap who prints the maps for our events at his printing firm A4 Print and Moravian Digital Press. He has a splendid orienteering pedigree, having been around the club way back in 1976 when GB first hosted the World Champs. He's also a rugby union referee, so now you know not to mess with him. The start of the Long-Distance race in Darnaway was within a stone's throw of David's front door so now you know that as well.

On his Anagach experience, David said "It was great to see a 1976 map of Anagach along with the results at the registration. My result back then was a mediocre 22nd on the 'A' course so nothing changes. But a lot of folk orienteered that day on a map we were probably laughing at if we saw it last Sunday. Oh the good old days!"

Morag's dad (D Vass) and also the evergreen Neil McLean, who was also running on Sunday, featured in the results that were on display for the 1976 event. Morag says her kids were very pleased to see their grandad's name up there in lights!


But we digress. It was fine to see some of our juniors tackling courses at a harder level than they're used to, most notably W12 Faith Kenyon who ran, and successfully completed, the Green course, earning herself a British Orienteering Bronze award in the process. Look at her GPS trace on Routegdget - you should be impressed!

Small map, click to enlarge

M/W10 brother and sister Finlay and Kate McLuckie, who have had a fantastic season, tackled Orange and Light Green respectively, both courses at a harder level than they would be expected to run in championship events. Finlay made a couple of errors early on, which is what it's all about when you move up a level, but he ran a great second half of his race having learned from his mistakes. Kate was 10th out of 35 with no really serious errors. Splendid stuff but don't forget to put your routes on Routegadget guys. It will help you improve and learn from your experience.

Warwick Taylor, Hannah Kingham and Kirsty McArthur, who have all been progressing well this year, had an entertaining battle on Green, finishing within 3 minutes of each other in 5th, 6th and 7th. Meanwhile Ade Champan and our new fixtures co-ordinator Denise Main were showing up very well on Blue in 7th and 8th.

One of our newest members, Fraser Macmillan, came 3rd on Yellow, gaining his British Orienteering Gold Award in the process. His sisters Isla and Una also took part in what was probably their first event, and hopefully we'll be welcoming them as members soon.

INVOC did a great job of publishing the results the same evening, and the times have already been uploaded to British Orienteering. Everyone aged 16 and over has had their ranking points added to the National Rankings when the table was updated last Thursday morning.



Ranking Points




New website feature - Member Profiles.

A new newsletter/website feature will be member profiles.  Here is wee Hannah Wiseman and (at the other end of the spectrum) Margaret Dearman to get us started.  You are all invited to tell us a bit more about yourselves via the member profile survey monkey and we'll put it on the website and newsletter. You can tell us as much or as little as you want, with or without a photo.  Thanks... can't wait to read all about you!


To access our growing list of profiles go to the Members Area tab and then the Member Profiles link.

Membership Matters

Memberships for 2018 are now open for what will be another truly exciting year for our club!

In May the British Championships are being held in Scotland for the first time in years, at nearby Royal Deeside, and later that month we are hosting the Scottish Championships weekend along with INVOC. As well as that we are planning a packed programme of local events, club activities and trips to major events and team competitions, which everyone can take part in.

For the coming year, Scottish Orienteering have developed a new membershp option for people who only wish to orienteer locally or recreationally.  Although we would like to encorage all of our members to join through British Orienteering, which also gives you the benefits of SOA membership, we feel that it's important that everyone understands what the new membership options are, and is free to choose what suits you best.

Please follow this link for a full explanation 

A Big Weekend for Moravian

Thirty six Moravians headed down to Stirling and Edinburgh for the final big away weekend of the year.

As well as being the penultimate round of the Scottish Orienteering Urban League and the final round of the Scottish Orienteering League, the weekend included the Junior Inter Area competitions where younger members of all the nation's clubs gathered together to represent their area teams, to make new friends, and to meet up with old ones from around the country.

SOUL 10 - Livingston

Our urban specialist, Jon Hollindgdale, retained his 12-point lead at the top of the mens veterans (40+) standings. With nearest challengers Roger Goddard and Jon Cross from FVO both due to be on the starting line up there was a chance to strengthen his lead with one race to go. What this correspondent hadn't accounted for was INT's Ray Ward and 3 other runners not amongst the leaders who took the top 4 places.  Despite Jon beating both his nearest rivals in finishing 5th, Ward's win means that if he (or Roger Goddard) wins the final race, and Jon finishes lower than 2nd the title is theirs.Otherwise the title in Jon's. That final race is in faraway Biggar on 12th November. Who will travel all that way remains to be seen. 

In the Junior Women class, Mairi Weir did her prospects no harm with 2nd place earning her 96 points. This race gave her 4 of the required 5 counting results for a competitive score. While she was no match for class leader Rachel Brown (ESOC) who won by over a minute, Mairi had the satisfacton of beating 2nd-placed Mairi Eades. Now looking solid in 3rd place Mairi looks likely to take the overall bronze medal, an award she could secure by running (and finishing) at Biggar.  Moravian team mates Carrie Brown and Hannah Kingham also ran in Mairi's class after their runs in the JIA relays.

Finally in the Young Junior Women class, 2nd placed Isobel Howard had a great battle with close rivals Maja Robertson (ESOC) and Morven Farquharson (GRAMP). Having outrun Maja in the JIA relays earlier on, Isobel found that costly mistakes at no 2 and 12 gave her opponent a clear win. Morven was 2nd but really needed a win to give her the 100 points needed to threaten Isobel's runner-up spot which she is now guaranteed to claim after the league comes to a close. 

You can see the updated SOUL league tables HERE.


Junior Inter-Area Relays - Dechmont Law near Stirling

The JIA relays saw a satisfyingly close contest between North, West and East. West Area were the reigning champions from when we hosted the weekend at Culbin last year, but with East fielding a significantly strengthened side it was always going to be hard to predict the winners.

In the Open relays, teams of 3 runners had to complete legs at Orange, Yellow and Light Green standard. Our super-speedy Finlay McLuckie ran the Yellow leg for the eventual winners, with team mates Oscar Shepherd (INVOC) on Orange and Joe Wrght (MAROC) on Light Green. Finlay ran the 3rd fastest yellow leg but it was a storming last leg by his MAROC team mate that clinched the win by just 11 seconds. The next-best team with a Moravian runner in the open class was David Spencer's team of Ranolph Whitehead and Luke Graham. David ran 1st leg (Orange) and handed over in 7th place. Ranolph dropped to 11th but a strong final leg by Luke left the team finishing in 6th.

There were good runs by several other Moravians in the open class, including Carrie Brown, Fergus Kenyon, Ben Coutts, Connor & Ryan Curran and Josh Britian. Every one of them achieved a clear round which is never an easy task in a relay. The results of the Open race, in which North were the overall winners, are HERE 

In the girls relay, North Area didn't have quite the same success as the boys but they finished 2nd. Isobel Howard (Orange) and Kate McLuckie (Yellow) were put in the same team and both ran fine races. Isobel handed over in 2nd place to Kate who managed to storm round as fastest Yellow girl and hand over to final Light Green leg runner Katrina McGougan (BASOC) with a 7-second lead. Katrina ran valiantly but had to settle for overall 2nd, just 58 seconds behind the winners. Mair Weir's team was the next best team with Moravian interest, coming 7th, but we did have an all-Moravian team comprising Eva Wiseman, Sophie Howard and Faith Kenyon who were 12th. Ida Oikkonen and Scarlett Bitain were our other Moravian girls, with Scarlett managing the 5th fastest yellow leg only to find her team disqualified after the first-leg runner had missed a control. Like for the open class, every single Moravian runner got a clear round. Extremely well done to one and all! Girls relay results are here.

The team points after the relays were West 64, North 56, East 48 

SOL 7 and JIA Individual - Drummond Hill

The JIA Individual race was tagged on to the final SOL race of the year at Drummond Hill above Loch Tay near Aberfeldy.  North area were 8 points down on West, with East a further 14 points back so it was all to play for. Several Moravians occupied leading positions in the SOL league tables (both senior and junior). These were only published on the Friday before the race, so lots of individual pride was at stake even though some of our competitors probably had no idea what position they were in.

Could North Area overturn the 8-point deficit from the relays? Of course they could. And with some style! Although the results summary for the JIA isn’t available as this report is being written, the SOL results from all 333 competitors is. And they make good reading.

On Yellow we had the fastest boy and girl with the McLuckie kids once again coming up with the goods. Finlay’s thrilling winning margin over close rival Finn Duguid (TAY) was just 3 seconds while Kate was just a single second ahead of the 2nd girl from Roxburgh Reivers. Every second counts in these big races!

On Orange, Isobel and Faith took 1st and 2nd places in the girls race for North Area, finishing overall 2nd and 4th with the boys results included, while on Light Green Hannah Kingham was 1st girl – another maximum for the North. With 2 MAROC lads claiming 1st and 2nd, North Area was now in an incredibly strong position and a comprehensive win looked likely.

Meanwhile, among the seniors, Eddie Harwood continued his recovery with a solid 2nd place on Short Blue where Morag McLuckie did her chances in the overall SOL results no harm by coming 3rd W45.

And we can’t not mention the Moravian takeover on the White course. It was, by all accounts one of the most physically tough White courses anyone can remember seeing! Although this wasn’t part of the Junior Inter Areas, Anna, Hannah, Hayley and Gemma made up 80% of the field with young Miss Howard claiming the bragging rights after 2 Km of roughy-toughy hill bashing. Stars of the future for sure.  There were many others, both junior and senior giving it their all, and while it's nice to be able to celebrate the achievements of our top performers, it was the togetherness and team spirit created by EVERYONE in the team that made this such an outstanding weekend. A huge well done to everyone who made the trip and we hope we can welcome a few more newer members next year in the great adventure that is Scottish Orienteering.

The juniors are working on an event report of their own which we hope to publish later in the week but for now we’ll leave you with a link to the full SOL results. We’ll let you know when the final SOL positions are announced. We're pretty sure these results mean that Finay McLuckie has won the M10A category, Kate McLuckie has won W10A and Isobel Howard and Faith Kenyon are 1st and 2nd in W12A. 

(editor's note - the final SOL tables were published on Tuesday. We were right in our assumptions! View them here)

The team points scores from the JIA Individual races were:

North 78, West 50, East 47

Which all made for a comprehensive overall win for the North after defeat on home gound last year:

North 134, West 114, East 95

A full summary of the JIA individual points scorers is HERE

A full summary of the JIA team scores for the whole weekend is HERE



Enter our Lossie Forest Event Now - Entries Close on 31st October

It's our big autumn event on 4th November and entries so far have been encouraging. We've had 110 with 5 days to go to the event, and expect a final entry of around 200. About one third of our own members have entered so far. We usually get closer to half our membership at these larger events, so we know there are lots more entries to come.

Encouragingly there are 12 entries from people who aren't in an orienteering club. To make things run efficiently on the day, and to help our pre-planning, we really want you to enter in advance so we're offering a discount to those who do. Please help make life easy for our regstration team.

So enter now via Fabian4

Event details can be found in our fixtures section

Hannah's Story - Life in the Scottish Junior Squad

This year Hannah Kingham became the 5th Moravian junior in recent years to be selected for the Scottish Junior Orienteering Squad - or ScotJOS for short.

Hannah has just produced a marvellous piece of writing about her early experiences in the Squad. As more and more young people are getting attracted to orienteering, the standard is gradually creeping up and up. It's much harder than it used to be to get in the national teams, in England and Scotland at least. So it's wonderful to see how the effort put in by Hannah is now reaping its rewards, and we hope that some of the younger folks in the club will be inspired by Hannah's example - just as she's been inspired by others in the club.  Here's Hannah's story.


As soon as I started orienteering, I began to notice all the Scotland tops that many people were wearing. It then became my ambition to get into ScotJOS. I looked up to Kathryn Barr (I still do) as she was already in the squad and I set myself the goal to be like her. Last year my ambition became a reality as I became one of the people running in a Scotland top.

The ScotJOS weekends are great training opportunities but they are also a great chance to meet fellow likeminded people with similar ambitions. It’s great fun when at a big event you get the chance to catch up with fellow squad members that you may not have seen for a few months. ScotJOS has certainly opened many doors for me, for example my recent trips to London and mid Wales at the JIRCs and JHIs (Junior Inter-Region Championships and Junior Home Internationals - ed).

The JIRCS was my first ever selection race and my first race at a British level. We flew down to London at 6:30am (we had to be at the airport at 5:30!) and we were competing at 11am. One bit of advice I would give to anyone is; take your time to the first control. I learnt this the hard way and what made it worse it was at my first major competition. I spent 16 minutes looking for a control roughly 15m from a path - I was dead last at this point! I persevered and I managed to finish in 19th with the rest of the course being error free. I had a much better run at the relays the following day as I was cautious to number 1 and I managed to be 4th fastest on leg 2 and my team finished 6th (Scotland got 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 6th). Scotland managed to come back with every single trophy so that was a fantastic result for the team. The evening of the JIRCs (after the individual) was great fun as I got to meet even more orienteers from all over the UK. Someone brought a pack of cards and the next thing I knew we were playing ‘Irish Snap’ (a ScotJOS favourite) in a big group.

2 weeks later I was in Snowdonia for my 2nd time representing Scotland. The JHIs was a much tougher competition as it was the best 4 from each country not region (like the JIRCs). On the first day I was the very first starter - it was a very misty hillside with very minimal paths so it was quite scary being the only 2 people out there (an Irish W18 started at the same time). Other than her I only saw 2 people throughout my course and they were fellow W18 and M16 Scottish team mates. I got to the first control ok given the fact that sometimes I could only see 30m ahead of me. However on the shortest leg of the course I lost concentration and ran off without taking a bearing, the control should only have taken around 40 seconds but I took 4 minutes as I went back to the previous control. I was really pleased with my final result of 6th, however I was even more pleased for 2 of my fellow team mates who finished 1st and 2nd. That night our cabin was suddenly filled with 10 Irish people all wanting a go on the Wii as we were the only cabin that had one. Later that night there was a tympath which was a welsh ceilidh. It was great fun as everyone gave 100% and nobody cared who they danced with. Louis Macmillan (a fellow Scot) took his bagpipes and we taught everyone the ‘Gay Gordons’.

The relays the next day were great as there was no mist and you could see around 7 controls from assembly, so it was a great spectator race. The planners were a bit cruel as there was a massive hill right at the start and from the last control to the finish it was also uphill so it was great when it was a close race. I came back with a clean run and brought my team up one place. I was 5th fastest on my leg and my team finished 5th. Overall the weekend was a blast.

This year I have had so much fun with ScotJOS. My favourite training weekend was the ‘Last Blast’. This is when the 18 year olds who are leaving the Squad organise a training weekend. On the first day they flipped the maps for certain people on Arthur’s seat; we ran left and they ran right. If the second day was to be summed up in two words it would be “eggs" and "relays”. The whole day we did relays getting covered in eggs and flour. On the last relay there was a challenge at each control and to make it even harder we had to do it “3 armed”. After this weekend I have not eaten a single Weetabix because one of the challenges was to eat a dry Weetabix with a dry mouth because it was near the end of the course. It was horrible because we had to follow it with jalapenos.

ScotJOS has given me so many opportunities to compete, make friends, visit different areas and just have fun. Anyone with an ambition to get more out of orienteering should just go for it and try to be selected and I am sure you will.

ScotJOS also promotes a huge variety of life skills such as independence. At the JHIs we were in self-catering cabins, we had to do all our meals and snacks apart from dinner. All the ScotJOS coaching builds on the foundations laid by Moravian coaches. Moravian is very lucky to have a fantastic selection of qualified coaches, I would like to thank ALL the Moravian coaches for helping me reach this level. I would like to give a special thanks to Mike Rodgers, without whom I would not be where I am today as he is the person who inspired me to start orienteering. 

North Area Junior Training at Dulnain Wood,7th October, by Eva Wiseman

Thanks to Eva for sending in her experiences of the training day organized by Jess Tullie recently for North Area juniors. As Eva says, this is such a good opportunity and we'd urge any juniors who've never been to one before to try and make the next one which will be in the first part of 2018.

Here's what Eva has to say:

I really enjoyed the training day that Jess Tullie organised.  There were about 5 helpers and eighteen kids there, 8 Moravians as well as others from our neighbouring clubs and it was lots of fun, and I learnt a lot from it as well.

We did work on contours, first with dirt from Jess’s back garden making model landscapes, as we copied diagrams of contours using dirt! Next we went into the woods, where we did an exercise where you follow tapes to controls whilst looking at a blank map. When we reached the control, we had to use a pin to very accurately mark where this control was on the blank map!  I got most of them right- except for the wrong boulder in a boulder field!

After lunch we did some relay practice, as the Junior Inter Area Relays are coming up soon! We got into groups of two or three people (two doing light green, one doing orange), and then we ran one by one round a course and practised handing over. Some people did it backwards as we had done the course at a previous event (Jess had had to change everything at the last minute because we were double booked with a shooting party in the original woods!).

We also had a fun orienteering game at the end where we had a partner, and we ran one after one another around a clock faced shaped layout of controls with a plant pot to put at the control for the other team member!

I would highly encourage other juniors who are orange level or above to come to the next one, because you definitely learn a lot, make friends and it’s great fun!  We are so lucky having Jess, a world class orienteer, and other really good coaches, coaching us. Next time we might get to play sardines again which is the best game ever.

Thanks to Jess and all the other coaches, I’m looking forward to the next one already!