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(11th July) Opportunities to Train with GB Junior Squads

The Junior Regional Squad Training Camp based at Lagganlia will be training in Culbin (25th July) and Roseisle (27th July). Moravian members are invited to participate in the training which is expected to run from 0930-1530 each day.

The youngsters are M/W14s and the training will be at a level appropriate for that age category. It's ideal for juniors who are confident at Orange, moving to Light Green and above, as well as less experienced adults. You can read more about the camp HERE

(update 24/7/17) The Survey Monkey for people to request to take part is now closed. If you would like to take part in either or both days, but haven't signed up, you can still turn up in the hope of gatting a map, but please do not assume there will be a place for you. Also make sure you take a packed lunch with you on the day. 

(30th June) 6 Days Training Mapped out as WOC2017 gets Under Way

Today was the opening race of the 2017 World Championships in Estonia. All 6 British runners qualified in the sprint-distance heats for Saturday's final. GBR have an exciting sprint squad so the sprint relay on Sunday could be very thrilling indeed.

If you'd like to follow WOC, the WOC2017 web site is excellent, with live updates as things happen, and free TV coverage from 1200 the day after each race. There is also pay-per-view TV for live coverage of every race - ideal for anyone laid up in bed!

As WOC gets under way, the pre-entries for the Scottish 6 Days are about to close - midnight on the 30th to be precise. We have 60 Moravians entered from just under 3,000 total entries, despite a couple of unfortunate withdrawals due to injury. This makes us one of the best-represented clubs in the event, although Forth Valley seem to have the prize for most runners among the Scottish clubs - exactly 100 with local club MAROC just 10 behind. As anticipation for this massive event builds, our secretary, Ali Wiseman, has set up two training sessions on the next 2 Wednesdays to help everyone get in shape, and we hear that there will be controls out in Culbin during the week leading up to the 6 Days, left out for us by the GB Talent Squad who will be around here doing some training. More details on that as soon as we know for sure.


Do come and take part - these sessions are being put on because of demand from members for more training and coaching. If they are well supported it will provide more incentive for others to put on more sessions. There is a sign-up link in the "event details" in our fixtures section for each session.

(25th June) Moravian Come 2nd in the Jamie Stevenson Trophy- Our Best Ever Result

Our juniors acheved the club's best-ever result in the Jamie Stevenson Trophy last Sunday. 


25 youngsters plus their supporter's club (the 2nd biggest team behind MAROC) made the trip to Perth and despite tying on points, managed to pip FVO for third on the strength of having the highest-placed 7th runner. Ordinarily, just the best 6 runs count for the team, but after tying with FVO on 588 points a piece, it turned out we had two other runners scoring 96 pts to outdo the Forth Valley team. Their best-scoring 7th runner had 93 points.

But there was no stopping MAROC who have won this event goodness nows how many years on the trot. They won by a clear 8 points so we have to hand it to them and say "well done". That said, most of our success was at the younger end while the majority of MAROC's points came at the older end, so this bodes very well for the future.Next year maybe?

We were celebrating in more ways than one, as Faith Kenyon had her birthday complete with a fantastic cake in the shape and colours of a Moravian running top! Class! You can see it on Facebook.

Our 6 scorers were:
Isobel Howard 100 pts (winner girls orange)

Kate McLuckie 99 pts (2nd girls yellow)

Hannah Kingham 99 pts (2nd girls light green)

Finlay McLuckie 98 pts (3rd boys yellow)

Michel Bishenden 96 pts (5th boys yellow)
Ida Oikkonen 96 pts (5th girls orange)

Scarlett Britain (5th Girls Yellow) and Carrie Brown (5th Girls Light Green) also scored 96 and could have counted as our 5th and 6th scorers (or been the 7th runner tie-breaker).

1. MAROC 596
2. MOR 588
3. FVO 588
4. Interlopers (Edinburgh) 583
5. INVOC 567
6. ECKO 555 (Loch Eck - Oban)
7. BASOC 555
8. ESOC (Edinbburgh Southern) 551
9. ELO (East Lothian) 536
10. TAY 365
11. GRAMP 187

12. SOLWAY 165

Full results are avaiable HERE and as usual there are tons of photos/comments (incuding Faith's amazing cake) on our Facebook Members' Group

(20th June) Wednesday Evening Club Activities

We're starting an exciting new venture of club evening activities, at least once a month, or whenever suits the activity organiser.  They will involve a variety of activities including formal coaching, physical training and social events, or a mixture of all.  We've chosen Wednesday so they fit in alongside the winter night events, Steve's training and Moray Forest Runs. Some outside, some inside, some for adults only, others aimed at families or everyone.
The first one is planned for the 28th June- 'Mental Strategies' and the next for the week after- terrain training- see 'Events' for details.
Do you have an idea for an activity and /or would you like to plan an one?  It may be that you have a particular skill you could share, or just want to get better at something and would like other people to join you (as with the terrain training one which Ali has planned because she really needs the practice).  If you have an idea, get in touch with Ali Wiseman or Roo Hornby.
Ali Wiseman
Club Secretary


couttsie29 (at)
roo.hornby (at)

(18th June) Jamie Stevenson Trophy Set for a Tight Contest

Pippa Weir, our junior Club Captain, has been organizing next Sunday's trip to Perth for the Jamie Stevenson Trophy. You can see just what a tremendous squad of Moravian juniors she's assembled in this story published a few days ago.

She's been in touch with the entries co-ordinator who has sent us some interesting facts and figures:

There are 150 entries from 12 different clubs. Orange is the biggest class with 49 entries, followed by yellow (38), Green (35) and Light green (28). We have 10, 9, 2 and 4 runners respectively in those classes.

The biggest team is MAROC (28), closely followed by Moravian with 25.

The smallest teams are SOLWAY and GRAMP who each have 2 entries.


The mighty MAROC has won the trophy for the past few years but perhaps this might be the year they are outrun. The competition looks like it will be tough this year and difficult to predict the outcome. Lots of the teams have strengths in different areas. This could be the year for the UK's senior team champs FVO, or even Interlopers, INVOC....... or .... just maybe..... Moravian!

Club members going on the trip will receive detailed information from Pippa regarding pick-up times, arrangements for the day etc. It will be such an exciting occasion and we'll try to keep everyone up to date of what happens on the day on social media.


(16th June) Moravian Juniors Burning up the Trails in Forest Runs Series

Our junior section has been doing extremely well in the Active Schools Trail Running Series that has been tagged on to this year's Moray Forest Runs. The final race is on Wednesday 21st June at Roseisle and several Moravian runners are in the frame for medals.

David Spencer lies 3rd in the Under 16s (he's 12) while Isobel Howard, despite not running at Quarrelwood, is 3rd girl (9th overall).

In the U12s, Bruce Evans, with 3 wins out of 3, leads the table. Michael Bishenden is 6th with Finlay McLuckie one place and 2 points behind. Faith Kenyon (13th) is 2nd girl, and beat the leading girl in the last race at Quarrelwood - so anything is possible at Roseisle!

We've had no shortage of adult runners taking part, and some of our "senior juniors" have been running in the open race for which there is no official series competition. 

Get along on the 21st and wear your Moravian colours with pride!

Registration from 6.15 pm

U12s start 6.45 pm, U16s 7.10 pm, open race 7.15 pm

Under 16s League Table

Under 12s League Table

(Moravian members are highlighted in yellow in both tables)


(14th June) Moravian Members - Have we got your latest contact details?

We've noticed from Mail Chimp readership stats that about 30% of our members aren't getting our weekly newsletters. We know that one or two members access the newsletter from the link in this web site (under the Members tab) which would stop you showing up in the stats, but we suspect that newsletters might be ending up in some people's spam. If you've not been getting yours, please check your spam folders.


We also wonder if some of you might have changed your email address. If this is the case, British Orienteering and the Scottish Orienteering Association won't have your correct address either, meaning you will be missing out on their mailings such as rankings or incentive scheme awards.

So if you've not been receiving your newsletter and there's nothing in your spam, please email and we will update our records.

Please also inform British Orienteering ( so they can amend their membership data base which is how we access our members' details. You can amend it yourself via your user log in on the BO web site

(12th June) Celebrate 50 Years of Orienteering with us at Culbin this Weekend

This Saturday, 17th June, is 50 years to the day since the British Orienteering Federation was formed, making orienteering an official sport in the UK. It's also the date of our next event.

We hope you can join us at Culbin at 1015 on Saturday morning to experience the wonderful world-class terrain of this amazing forest as we celebrate this momentous milestone in the short history of our sport.There's been a fairly encourging amount of interest - 138 by the time we closed pre-registrations to order the maps.

As you run around the lumps and bumps, give a thought to our past Chairman Bob Climie, a previous Chair of British Orienteering. Bob was one of the leading figures in the early days of the sport. His ashes, along with his wife Mary, are scattered in nearby Lossie Forest and he would be delighted to know how his beloved sport is thriving in Moray today

Orienteering's past features some very well known characters, and you can read more about it in this feature about our Culbin event on Inside Moray



(9th June) Jamie Stevenson Trophy Team Finalized

As usual, that has been great enthusiasm for our annual junior trip. And what a team Pippa has put together!

It's really nice to see some JST first timers (the McKay boys, Ida Oikkonnen and Michael Bishenden) joining our regulars.

Here is our team declaration. If anyone who thinks they'd asked to come has been missed off, please contact Pippa urgently (phweir at Pippa will be in touch with all team members with the arrangements for the day - and the very best of luck to you all!


Alana Coutts W10

Michael Bishenden M12

Finlay McLuckie M10

Kate McLuckie W10

Ryan Curran M12

Hayley Curran W12

Scarlett Britain W10

Sophie Howard W10

Fergus Kenyon M10 and Glenn McKay M10 (pair)



Ben Coutts M12

Connor Curran M14

Faith Kenyon W12

Lewis McWilliam M12

Ida Oikkonen W12

Josh Britain M14

Findlay McKay M12

Isobel Howard W12

Eva Wiseman W12

(Lewis Hay M14 - Lewis is a late request to be in the team and is subject to the organizers accepting a late entry)


Light Green

Carrie Brown W14

Scott Perry M14

David Spencer M14

Hannah Kingham W14



Daniel Campbell M16

Mairi Weir W16


Also travelling as fan club

Karen, Mick and Gemma Curran

Peter and Morag McLuckie

Either Paul or Lesley Coutts

Phil and Lil Kenyon

Liz Campbell

Debbie McWilliam

Pippa Weir




(5th June) Final Call for the JST Trip

Tuesday night is Pippa's deadline for our junior trip to the Jamie Stevenson Trophy on Sunday 25th June.

It's the best opportunity of the year for your kids to get to know others in the club, have fun and enjoy a great competiton against juniors of all the other clubs in Scotland. It's been a game changer in the past for many of our youngsters who now get so much more out of being a Moravivan member through friendships and developing their skills with like-minded buddies. The same can actually be said for quite a few parents!


The bus is paid for thanks to Karen & Co's bag-packing exploits in Tesco and the grant from Elgin Rotary Marafun. and it's not too far either (Perth).

So all you need to do is let Pippa know you weant to come (phweir at Just give your son/daughter's age class and what colour course they want to run (Yellow, Orange, Light Green or Green). ippa will send you detailed arrangements pnce they've been made. But before they can be made she needs to know numbers, submit our entry and book the coach.


So don't delay, act today.


Names received so far are:

Michael Bishenden

Josh Britain

Scarlett Britain

Carrie Brown

Alana Coutts
Ben Coutts

Daniel Campbell

Connor Curran

Hayley Curran

Ryan Curran

Faith Kenyon

Fergus Kenyon

Hannah Kingham

Finlay McLuckie
Kate McLuckie

Scott Perry

Lewis McWilliam

Ida Oikkonen

David Spencer

Mairi Weir