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(12th June) Celebrate 50 Years of Orienteering with us at Culbin this Weekend

This Saturday, 17th June, is 50 years to the day since the British Orienteering Federation was formed, making orienteering an official sport in the UK. It's also the date of our next event.

We hope you can join us at Culbin at 1015 on Saturday morning to experience the wonderful world-class terrain of this amazing forest as we celebrate this momentous milestone in the short history of our sport.There's been a fairly encourging amount of interest - 138 by the time we closed pre-registrations to order the maps.

As you run around the lumps and bumps, give a thought to our past Chairman Bob Climie, a previous Chair of British Orienteering. Bob was one of the leading figures in the early days of the sport. His ashes, along with his wife Mary, are scattered in nearby Lossie Forest and he would be delighted to know how his beloved sport is thriving in Moray today

Orienteering's past features some very well known characters, and you can read more about it in this feature about our Culbin event on Inside Moray



(9th June) Jamie Stevenson Trophy Team Finalized

As usual, that has been great enthusiasm for our annual junior trip. And what a team Pippa has put together!

It's really nice to see some JST first timers (the McKay boys, Ida Oikkonnen and Michael Bishenden) joining our regulars.

Here is our team declaration. If anyone who thinks they'd asked to come has been missed off, please contact Pippa urgently (phweir at Pippa will be in touch with all team members with the arrangements for the day - and the very best of luck to you all!


Alana Coutts W10

Michael Bishenden M12

Finlay McLuckie M10

Kate McLuckie W10

Ryan Curran M12

Hayley Curran W12

Scarlett Britain W10

Sophie Howard W10

Fergus Kenyon M10 and Glenn McKay M10 (pair)



Ben Coutts M12

Connor Curran M14

Faith Kenyon W12

Lewis McWilliam M12

Ida Oikkonen W12

Josh Britain M14

Findlay McKay M12

Isobel Howard W12

Eva Wiseman W12

(Lewis Hay M14 - Lewis is a late request to be in the team and is subject to the organizers accepting a late entry)


Light Green

Carrie Brown W14

Scott Perry M14

David Spencer M14

Hannah Kingham W14



Daniel Campbell M16

Mairi Weir W16


Also travelling as fan club

Karen, Mick and Gemma Curran

Peter and Morag McLuckie

Either Paul or Lesley Coutts

Phil and Lil Kenyon

Liz Campbell

Debbie McWilliam

Pippa Weir




(5th June) Final Call for the JST Trip

Tuesday night is Pippa's deadline for our junior trip to the Jamie Stevenson Trophy on Sunday 25th June.

It's the best opportunity of the year for your kids to get to know others in the club, have fun and enjoy a great competiton against juniors of all the other clubs in Scotland. It's been a game changer in the past for many of our youngsters who now get so much more out of being a Moravivan member through friendships and developing their skills with like-minded buddies. The same can actually be said for quite a few parents!


The bus is paid for thanks to Karen & Co's bag-packing exploits in Tesco and the grant from Elgin Rotary Marafun. and it's not too far either (Perth).

So all you need to do is let Pippa know you weant to come (phweir at Just give your son/daughter's age class and what colour course they want to run (Yellow, Orange, Light Green or Green). ippa will send you detailed arrangements pnce they've been made. But before they can be made she needs to know numbers, submit our entry and book the coach.


So don't delay, act today.


Names received so far are:

Michael Bishenden

Josh Britain

Scarlett Britain

Carrie Brown

Alana Coutts
Ben Coutts

Daniel Campbell

Connor Curran

Hayley Curran

Ryan Curran

Faith Kenyon

Fergus Kenyon

Hannah Kingham

Finlay McLuckie
Kate McLuckie

Scott Perry

Lewis McWilliam

Ida Oikkonen

David Spencer

Mairi Weir

(4th June) Moravian Medal Haul at Moray & Highland Junior Champs

Lots of Moravian medals in the Moray & Highland Junior Champs today at Dulnain Bridge where Moravian runners made up over half the field. The medals were great, but everyone is talking about the great Moravian team spirit that was on show. Well done to all who took part - a great warm up for the Jamie Stevenson trophy at the end of the month.

Thanks to BASOC for putting on a great event with some very good courses.

Open Boys: (Blue Course)
1. Daniel Campbell

Under 19s Boys: (Light Green Course)
1. David Spencer
3. Fraser Haig

Under 19s Girls: (Light Green Course)
1. Faith Kenyon

Under 17s Girls: (Long Orange Course)
1. Isobel Howard

Under 15s Girls: (Orange Course)
1. Ida Oikkonen

Under 13s Boys: (Yellow Course)
1. Finlay McLuckie
2. Michael Bishenden

Under 13s Girls: (Yellow Course)
2. Kate McLuckie

Full results are here:…/2017-06-04-dulnain-mh…/index.html


See also THIS STORY about other awards gained at Dulnain Bridge


(4th June) Latest British Orienteering Incentive Awards

The British Orienteering Incentive Scheme helps you track your journey as you progress through the 5 difficulty levels in orienteering.
Certificates are emailed out automatically by British Orienteering HQ as you reach each level. For our younger members at primary school, these certificates are excellent for taking in to school to put in your achievements folder.
When you go to an event (provided that the organizing club uploads the results to the BO data base) your run will count towards the scheme. You can see whether they have done this by checking the "results" section of the British Orienteering web site. If it's not there, do contact the club that staged the event, as it's something that clubs can easily forget to do amongst all the other things that putting on an event entails.  When attending an event run by another club it's important to check with them that they have put your membership number in the event computer. At our own events we should have your number on our data base, although if you have newly joined it's worth checking with Ian or Rosie at the computer desk.
You get a Navigation Award for completing 3 "clear rounds" at whatever technical standard you've been running. There are 3 levels of Racing Awards for doing it in a certain "minutes per Km" (20 mins/K = Bronze, 15 mins/K = Silver, 12.5 mins/K = Gold). When you've reached Gold Racing Standard without assistance at whatever colour you've been doing, you're probably ready to try the next colour up. Once you've achieved the 5 Star Gold Racing Award you can consider yourself as well-and-truly "arrived" as a fully-fledged orienteering ace. Than all you need to do is get in training to get fitter faster and move up the results!  "You can read more about it HERE.

Several members have gained awards in the past month. Well done to Colin McArthur who has "arrived" at 5 Star Gold! Colin is co-planning our next event at Culbin with Kirsty who is on Silver, so you can judge for yourself whether his Gold award is merited on the 17th. If you find that all your controls are in the right place and you enjoy your course, seek Colin out and give him a big pat on the back!

There are now 37 Moravian members who have reached 5* Gold.
(NB - Feedback from members seems to suggest that the certificates and notifications to individuals aren't going out from BO as they should. Mike has taken this up with the BO National Office and they are investigating. Notification emails seem to have started reappearing in peoples' inboxes on 8th June so hopefully that's the system back working now.).
5 Star (Green Standard and above)
Colin McArthur - Gold Racing Award
Kirsty McArthur - Silver Racing Award
4 Star (Light Green Standard)
Faith Kenyon - Bronze Racing Award
3 Star (Orange Standard)

Fergus Kenyon - Bronze Racing Award & Navigation Challenge

Findlay McKay - Bronze Navigation Award
Karen Curran - Bronze Navigation Award
2 Star (Yellow)
Andrew Seton - Gold Racing Award
Kirsten Wallach - Gold Racing Award
Rose Christie - Bronze Racing Award & Navigation Award
Euan Gray - Bronze Racing Award & Navigation Award
1 Star (White)
Hannah Wiseman - Gold Racing Award
Owen Lewis - Silver Racing Award
Lucy McAlister - Silver Racing Award
Emily Fraser - Bronze Racing Award
Gracie Reid - Bronze Racing Award & Navigation Award
Well done to all award winners. You should have received an email from British Orienteering telling you about the award including a certificate which can be printed out if you want to. If you haven't received yours, please contact the British Orienteering admin office
Everyone can check what level they have reached by logging on to your British Orienteering member account via their web site and clicking on the "my account" tab.
(Update 6th June)
Following BASOC's results upload from Sunday's event, more awards have been gained. Congrats to Warwick Taylor who has "graduated" after reaching his 5 Star Racing Gold!

Other award winners are:

Aidan Wallach (1 star Racing Gold & Navigation Award)

Gemma Curran (1 star Navigation Award)
Ida Oikkonen (3 star Racing Gold Award)
Karen Fraser (4 star Navigation Award)
Katherine Taylor (4 star Racing Gold Award)
David Spencer (4 star Racing Gold Award)
Faith Kenyon (4 star Racing Silver Award)




(2nd June) Moray Kids Excel at Scottish Schools Orienteering Festival

This story is in two parts. The bit you really need to read is half way down.

The first section was written as the results came in. The second is Isobel Howard's account of how it went from the perspective of those who were there. Enjoy.

There were some terrific performances from Moray kids at Drumpellier Country Park near Glasgow today. A coach sponsored by Inverness Solicitors and Estate Agents Innes & Mackay took around 40 youngsters to the event. This was the first time any Moray schools have been represented at this event and without their support this success just wouldn't have been possible.

Top 10 results from today include:

David Spencer (Forres Ac) 1st S1 Boy
Isobel Howard (Forres Ac) 1st S1 Girl
Shauna Perry (Forres Ac) 2nd S4 Girls
Kathryn Barr (Forres Ac) 2nd S5/6 Girls...
Kate McLuckie (West End) 3rd P5/6 Girl (and she's a P5)
Scott Perry (Forres Ac) 4th S1 Boys
John Bonsall 4th S5/6 Boys
Robbie O'Neil (Bishopmill) 5th P7 Boy
Finlay Sutherland (Bishopmill) 7th P7 Boy
Millie Carr (Bishopmill) 7th P7 Girl
Rob Bichan (Forres Ac) 8th S2 Boy

Great credit in particular to the last 4 on the list who aren't regular orienteers (but maybe might be one day).

Forres Ac won the S1 Boys team award while Kinloss came 3rd in the P5/6 Boys with Bishopmill 4th. Bishopmill were 3rd in the P7 Boys where West End were 4th.

Full results and team placings at this link

A proper report will follow from Forres Academy's star S1 girl, Isobel Howard, in the next few days.

Next few days? What's he on about. It's 8pm on Friday and the kids have been back an hour. What should pop up on the email but Isobel's report. Do have a read - she's not just a talented orienteer!

Scottish Schools Orienteering Festival

With an extremely early start the members of the teams from Bishopmill , West End and Kinloss Primary and Forres Academy crammed on a bus kindly sponsored by Innes and Mackay of Inverness. It was a long haul down to Drumpellier in the Glasgow area in which the event was to take place. By 8 o'clock everybody was very lively especially the primary kids who had been on the bus longer than anybody (except the bus driver). After a few stops before Aviemore we were on a roll and even the teachers and parents seemed to be enjoying themselves. At nine o'clock we reached Perth and by this time everybody was awake ready to run, we still had a wee while to go though.

The bus reached Drumpellier just after 10 and had made good time. Our first start was 11:31 that of John Bonsall, Rob Bichan and Isobel Howard. The final start was 12:28 that was the start of Amie Ord, Kinloss Primary. It was easy terrain with a few marshes. But not enough to slow our teams down. For our teams the courses were a piece of cake. With times ranging from 11-45 minutes it was a soaring success. The courses were hardly the standard the teams were used to. Most of the courses could have been completed by some of Moravians youngest members as they were mostly TD1&2 (P5-S1) with the S2/3 courses being TD3 and the Seniors courses (S4/5/6) being TD4.



It was an enjoyable event for everybody and a great day out. Ida Oikkonen said " it was fun and great experience even if you got lost!" And Scott Perry commented " I enjoyed the event and it was a great experience. It was so good that everybody in the team did really well." Even the parents and teachers enjoyed it. " It was well organised and we had a really good time." commented Angela, a parent helper from Bishopmill.


The Podium places were as follows: 

David Spencer S1 Boys 1st place 

Isobel Howard S1 Girls 1st place

Forres Academy S1 Boys team 1st place- David Spencer, Scott Perry and Connor Curran

Shauna Perry S4 Girls 2nd place

Kathryn Barr S5/6 Girls 2nd place 

Kate McLuckie P5/6 Girls 3rd place

Kinloss P5/6 Boys 3rd- Daniel Terris, Jack Josee, Ben Webster

Bishopmill P7 Boys 3rd- Finlay Sutherland, Robbie O'Neill, Mitchell Smith


Overall an excellent day and very impressive especially for those who are very new to the sport. Let's hope some people qualify for the World Schools Championships in two years time.

Go Moravians!


Isobel Howard



(1st June) Junior Club Trip on 25th June - The Jamie Stevenson Trophy

Calling Team Moravian

A message from our junior club captain, Pippa Weir

The time has come for the highlight of our junior calendar - the club junior trip. Again, we're going to the Jamie Stevenson Trophy, and this year it's on Kinnoull Hill in Perth. Please mark Sunday 25th June on your family planners, keep it free and email me now (phweir at to reserve your place on the luxury coach. (ed's note - the cost of the coach is being covered by the club through fundraising/grants).

If you've not been on the trip before, the JST is an annual junior inter-club competition. All the Scottish clubs go and all ages and abilities are encouraged to take part. You just need to be able to do a Yellow course without help. The last few years we're taken roughly forty juniors aged 8 to 18, plus willing parent helpers, and had fantastic days out. Winning isn't the most important thing - it's about good camaraderie and making new friends. That said, it would be great to break in to the top 3 clubs this year!

More details will follow. Just email me NOW (but definitely BEFORE the end of next Tuesday 6th) telling me your BO age class and the colour course you usually run. Pippa

Photo credit Chris Spencer




(30th May) West End the Winners at Findhorn but Bishopmill still Top

There was a close contest in the latest round of the Moray & Nairn Schools Orienteering League which was held as part of our Findhorn Event. The two Elgin schools West End and Bishopmill have been nip and tuck all year, and Saturday's event was one of the closest yet.

Pupils from both schools will be travelling to the Scottish Schools Festival near Glasgow this Friday' along with Kinloss Primary and Forres Academy. The trip has been made possible by generous sponsorship from Inverness-based solicitors and estate agents, Innes & Mackay who have covered the £650 cost of the coach. (you can see the full competitor list here)

Kate McLuckie was West End's top points scorer for her winning run in the Primary Orange class earning 98 points, while Finlay McKay led the challenge for Bishopmill with his 6th place scoring 93. His Bishopmill team mates, the quick-running Seton brothers (Andrew and George) took the top 2 places on Primary Yellow to score 92 and 91 respectively. Both lads are regulars at Elgin parkrun where Andrew has an impressively-quick PB of 21:51 for someone so young. Bish's scoring was completed by Chloe Stinson in 11th (82 pts) at what we think is her first event with us. Good "packing" by West End made the difference. Finlay McLuckie (3rd - 90 pts), Aiden Wallach (5th - 88 pts) and Rose Christie (7th - 86 pts) took West End's final score to 362 against Bishopmill's 358.

The capture of the Kenyon kids during the transfer window has seen a bit of  a resurgence by Applegrove who were 3rd and have also taken over in 3rd spot in the league.

But Bishopmill still lead the league table by 36 points - not an uncatchable margin but if the remainder of this year's events are this close it could be significant.

Full results (points have been corrected from those originally posted on Facebook)

1. West End 362 pts
2. Bishopmill 358
3. Applegrove 336
4. Anderson's 300
5. Alves 219

6. Pilmuir 192

7. Logie 184

8. Millbank 161

9. Keith 142
10. Dyke 140

11.Auldearn 132
12. East End 131
13. Seafield 129
14. Rosebank 122
15. Aberlour 112
16. Kinloss 96
17. Newmill 67
18. New Elgin 57

(24th May) Junior Badges for May at Findhorn

Have you won a badge this month? These will be awarded at our Findhorn event this Saturday


5 Award:

Bill Symon (if he does one more)

Callum Cowan

Calum Simpson (if he does one more)

Euan Simpson (if he does one more)

Fergus Turner (if he does one more)

Matthew Bishenden

Michael Bishenden

Patrick Turner

Robert Whitelaw

Rose Christie (if she does one more)

10 Award

Callum Thompson

Emily Fraser (if she does one more)

Ewan Thompson

George Seton (if he does one more)

Logan Grant

Robert Whitelaw

25 Award

Glenn McKay (if he does one more)

Luca Chiappa

50 Award

Hannah Wiseman

Kirsten Main

100 Award

Isobel Howard


(23rd May) Moravians on a Road Trip - Scottish Champs 2017

Thanks to Lil Kenyon & family for producing this entertaining report from our trip to East Lothian for the Scottish Champs 2017!

We're always on the lookout for event reporters for Moravian awaydays. If anyone would like to report on the Scottish Schools Festival (2 June) or the Moray & Higland Junior Champs (4 June) please let Mike know. We are also needing a reporter for the Jamie Stevenson Trophy trip at the end of June.

Enough of that for now, here's what Lil & Co had to say............................


Team MoravianA whole heap of Moravians made their way down to East Lothian, some faster than others, for a super long weekend of adventures, oh and some orienteering too!  The accommodation ranged from, camping, caravanning, B & Bing, scrounging off family members and staying in peachy flats. North Berwick was in the middle of it all, and what a superb area to visit. Beaches (with optional rock climbing), castles, chippies, paddling pools, boat trips, BBQs and a gambler's paradise to boot. (More on that later.)

Friday night was urban night at Tranent.  A mixture of speedy running, quick decision making and not going down any dead ends (Phil!) made for fast and fun orienteering around local housing estates, complete with some curious natives to contend with.

Top performers on the night were;

Jon Hollingdale & Andrew Campbell, 1st & 2nd in the Mens Vets.

Isobel Howard; 1st in the Young Junior Women.

Mairi Weir & Hannah Kingham; 2nd & 3rd in the Junior Women.

There was a fabulous Moravian tussle in the Women's Vets with only 9 seconds separating Nikki Howard, Morag McLuckie and Liz Barr in 6th, 7th & 8th.

The Trying to shelter from the rain whilst waiting to start!day dawned on Saturday in traditional Scottish style; mist with lashings of rain!  The Scottish Champs event was in an area of open dunes, at Gullane, with potential fine views of the Firth of Forth.  A lot of runners had a soggy 30 minute walk to the start, and another 30 back to download. The lucky ones, if there were any, missed the showers.

The courses were long. M45/50 was 9.8km, there were also 28 controls on the yellow course, which was in the Archerfield Estate, along with the white course which was a tough 2.4km.  There were some physical areas for orange and above with long dune grass to wade through, prickly bits too, hands up who was pulling thorns out later?! 


M10 1st Finlay McLuckie

W10 1st Kate McLuckie

W12 1st Isobel Howard

M21V 1st Colin McArthur

W21S 1st Kirsty McArthur

W50S 1st Pippa Weir, 2nd Caroline Hornby

M45S 1st Peter McLuckie

M50L 1st Jon Hollingdale

That is some list of achievements, but also deserving a mention are;

W10B 2nd Anna Howard, W12 3rd Faith Kenyon, W14 4th Hannah Kingham, M14B 2nd Joshua Britain, W16 5th Mairi Weir, M16 6th Daniel Campbell, W40S 3rd Nikki Howard & 4th Ali Wiseman. Andrew Campbell also finished well, 13th in M50L.


Sunday was the relay event at Binning Wood, an area of mature deciduous woodland with plenty of paths and thickets to negotiate. The area had 3 round clearings with paths coming out from the centre, rather like spokes on a wheel, which was the downfall of many runners.  There was a great team atmosphere, particularly amongst the young ones (well, maybe not when Finlay said “if Kate misses that last control I’ll…….” He possibly couldn’t think of a polite torture punishment for his big sister!

Great team spirit among the juniors






Great team spirit among the juniors.

Moravians managed 2 second places (but were first Scottish teams and hence Scottish Champs):

The MORe Challenge team of Andrew Campbell, Pippa Weir & Alan Halliday in the +17 handicap.

Also, team meMORable Monkeys of Daniel Campbell, Isobel Howard & Hannah Kingham in the junior 44-.






Well done to Pippa for matching the team members up so well, have a look in the results! Also for the great team names.

All in all, it was a truly fabulous weekend.  We are already looking forward to the next adventure. We’ve learned a few do’s and don’ts along the way;;;;;;;;;;;;;


*Expect to get a clear round on a 32 control course when your dibber only holds 30!

*Fall over in the woods and land on the only rock for miles around!

*Do 18,000 steps before you run and expect to be fast!

*Allow your young son to lead everyone astray in the amusement arcade on the campsite!


*All stay in the same town, we love the get together.

*Ask you son how the buggy folds up before he leaves you to put it in your boot!

*Read the final details explaining what to do on courses with more than 30 controls!

*Get you doggy friends to chase you around the motorhome!

*Bump into Nikki Howard, when you go off your map, for hugs and reassurance. Fergus says thanks!


Urban League Tranent Results

Individual Champ Results

Inter-Club Competiton Results (we were 5th)

Team Relay Results