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(22nd May) Remarkable Weekend for Moravian at the Scottish Champs

We had a terrific Scottish Champs down Edinburgh way, with our junor section excelling.

The individual day  produced four Moravian Scottish champions - 3 juniors and 1 senior.

Finlay McLuckie (M10)
Kate McLuckie (W10)

Isobel Howard (W12)

Jon Hollingdale (M50)

In addition Faith Kenyon was 2nd Scot on W12, as was Hannah Kingham on W14. Nikki Howard was 3rd on W40L while in the W50 short course Pippa Weir and Caroline Hornby took the top 2 places. Anyone noticing a female bias here?

In Sunday's realys, our 44- team (combined age of the 3 runners 44 or less) of Daniel Campbell, Isobel Howard and Hannah Kingham finished just 4 seconds behind West Cumbria in a sprint finish for 2nd place, but was first Scottish team hence another trophy.

We also won the Handicap 17 team made up of Andrew Campbell, Pippa Weir and Alan Halliday. Great work everyone, and thanks to everyone for battling away with great humour and determination to make for a fantastic club weekend away.

The full list of winners for both competitons is on the SOA web site:

The proper event report from the Kenyons will follow as soon as time and inspiration permits!


(17th May) Findhorn Event Next Weekend - Book Your Map Now

Saturday 27th May. That's the date for our next event on Findhorn Dunes. There will be 4 courses - something for everyone no matter what your age or orienteering ability. As with all our events it's open to non-members and members alike. Please book your map by completing this simple survey - we'll be getting maps printed towards the end of next week so please do this sooner rather than later.

This doesn't constitiute an entry or commit you to coming. All entries are done on the day. But it does help us work out the print run. Maps cost about 50p a piece as they're done on special waterproof paper, so having an accurate idea of numbers helps us keep costs down by minimizing wastage.

Event details are HERE

(15th May) Moravian's Oban Weekend - by Kate McLuckie

Kate McLuckie (W10) has been showing her talents in more ways than one this weekend. Second in the Young Junior Women class in the Scottish Urban League race on Saturday was followed up by 1st in W10A at Glen Nant in SOL4. To top off those fine runs, Kate has produced this report on what sounds like a terrific weekend away for team Moravian. Thanks for your efforts Kate (especially impressive to see a 10 year old not afraid to use a semicolon!), and well done to everyone who took part - not a single "DNF" to report!

Next week you can look forward to reading a report from the Kenyons from the Scottish Champs. Maybe there will be even more semicolons to get excited about.

SOUL 4 and SOL 4

The picturesque scenery stretched out towards Oban while intrepid orienteers faced SOUL 4 on Saturday. It was raining but very warm so the running wasn’t too hard! Quite a few Moravians were there: the McArthurs, Barrs, Hornby x1, McLuckies and former Moravians, the Riddles were there too. On Course 7 Kate and Finlay battled it out, with younger brother Finlay beating Kate by 4 secs (“No we didn’t do it together!!”). While Kathryn Barr whizzed round Course 2 in 39:53 mins coming 3rd in the Women’s Open, mother Liz Barr came 1st Moravian on Course 3 beating Morag by 80 seconds. The controls were spread out through a variety of terrains from ruined churches, beaches, boat yards, fields and some urban. Moravian did very well because everyone got a clear round. SOUL 4 was excellent and everyone was excited for what was coming next in SOL 4 on Sunday!

It was Sunday at SOL 4 at Glen Nant, the sun was shining (even though it was meant to rain) and the scenery definitely didn’t let the orienteers down. The terrain certainly didn’t give the orienteers a break as it was up down, up down, crags, battling through bracken and heather; but that didn’t stop anyone as everyone got clear rounds again! Great to see more Moravians joining in for SOL 4.  A great run for Daniel Campbell coming 9th out of 45 on the Blue and 5th in M16. A very good run too from Faith, as she came 4th on the Orange Course with some tough competition. Liz Barr was again victorious coming 1st Moravian on the Short Blue Course. There was another good run from Finlay and Kate on Yellow with Finlay coming 1st overall and Kate coming 1st girl. The weekend was a great success (and PS - Happy Birthday Fergus!)


What will the Scottish Champs hold for the intrepid Moravian orienteers next weekend?!

Results and splits from SOUL 4 (Sat 13th)

Results and splits from SOL 4 (Sun 14th)



(11th May) 35 Moravians Contest the Monaughty Forest Run

The Moray Forest Runs Series got under way at Monaughty on Wednesday night and there was a brilliant turnout of Moravians.

Thirty five ran in the 3 races, mainly juniors it has to be said, although there were several more parents there in support. Among the 31 juniors was Fraser Haig who was our fastest competitor in the 4-mile open race with one enormous hill. Fraser had a good time of 30:42 to finish 26th in a race won by GB biathlete Vinnie Fountain (26:50). Next best was another junior, albeit a rather senior one in Kathryn Barr (56th in 35:57).

In the junior races, star Under-16 man was 12-year-old David Spencer who was 3rd, beaten only by 2 14 year olds). Lewis Hay came 6th with Isobel Howard one place behind as fastest girl.

We went even better in the Under 12s. Bruce Evans won the race, Faith Kenyon was fastest girl (16th overall) and Eilidh Hay was 3rd girl (22nd overall).

The next event in the MFR series is at Culbin on Wed 24th May. As this is World Orienteering Day we'd like as many people as possible to run in their Moravian kit, and we'll see if we can organize a team photo at some stage in proceedings.

Full results can be found on our Facebook page

Other runs in the series are:

Quarrelwood Wed 7th June

Roseisle Wed 21st June

(7th May) Bags Packed for Perth!

With the number of big events in far-flung places of late, Moravians are no strangers to packing their bags. But it was bags of a different kind that were being filled on Saturday when a large crew of members set up camp in Tesco’s Forres store.

Club member Karen Curran had been speaking to the Forres Community Champion Kerry Speed on Thursday when she learned that there had been a cancellation for charity bag packing in two days’ time. One message on the club Facebook members group, and some beating of jungle drums later, and a crew of 18 had been formed – almost a tenth of our total membership!

It was decided that the money raised would go to fund the rest of the cost of the Jamie Stevenson Trophy trip, for which we have already secured a grant from Elgin Rotary Club’s Marafun proceeds. What nobody was prepared for was the amount we raised. A staggering £511.13 which might leave us with a surplus for some other club project. A super bit of public relations for the club too. Fantastic!

“What an amazing day.” said Karen afterwards. “Thank you everyone for your help today especially with it being at such short notice. The kids were amazing, they were working like little teams helping each other, speaking to customers not just about the club and our activities but about themselves as well. A huge thanks to Tesco's for having us and to their customers for their patience and kindness. Just shows what an amazing club this is to be part of.”

Photos of the day can be seen on our members’ group on Facebook, as well as a few more on our public Facebook page.

A huge well done the Curran Family, Kenyon Family, Pippa Weir, Liz Campbell, the McLuckie Family, Liz Barr, and Nikki and Isobel Howard. Thank you all for giving up some of your Saturday.

The JST trip has become an annual treat for our families, and this year’s trip is on 25th June. The Jamie Stevenson Trophy is the annual inter-club junior team competition for Scottish Clubs. Named after Britain’s only male World Championships gold medallist who was a Scot, this competition has been run each June in the Perth area for many years. Since our first trip in 2011, it has become a Moravian tradition to hire a luxury coach to go to Perth each year and we usually muster the biggest team of all Scottish clubs.  We like to make this as low cost as possible to make sure that nobody misses out because they can;t afford to go.

The event itself is just as inclusive. It's set up so that anyone who can run a Yellow course on their own can contribute, and even those who can’t can join in by running as a pair!  It's a wonderful day out, a chance to make friends with others in the club and a one where you can experience the legendary Moravian junior bus quiz! You can see the full details of the JST here.

Although there's the Moray & Highland Junior Champs still to come on 4th June, the JST trip is our next proper “Team Moravian” away day after the Scottish Champs is over, so make a note of the date and look out for the announcement from Pippa about booking your place. Parents can accompany their children on the trip or they can come on their own. There is plenty of adult supervision provided.



(6th May) Twelve Moravian teams to contest Scottish Champs Relays

Once again Moravian have pulled out all the stops to field 12 teams at the Scottish Champs Relays on 21st May.

Given that the event is 200 miles from home this is fine effort by everyone concerned, especially Senior Club Captain Eddie and Junior Club Captain Pippa for pulling it all together. Eddie deserves special thanks as he's unable to take part himself due to injury. Thanks to everyone taking part.  Your enthusiasm has made it possible for the club to be so well represented in Scotland's top team event.

Around 40 Moravian runners will be competing in the Individual race the previous day. The best 12 runs will score for the club in the Scottish Inter-Club Champs. Athough we have a strong squad, not all of our best runners are available, so we don't expect to be able to rival the might of FVO or MAROC. However we have the potential for a good showing given the wide range of age groups in the team. 

The Senior teams are:

14+ handicap courses (Course B, Course D and Course C)
Ade Chapman Morag McLuckie Roo Hornby 
Colin McArthur Carole Chapman Lil Kenyon
Colin Matheson Ali Wiseman Pete McLuckie
Phil Kenyon Steve Wiseman Fran Britain

17+ handicap courses (Course C, CourseD and Course C)
Andrew Campbell Pippa Weir Alan Halliday
Nikki Howard Elizabeth Furness Kirsty McArthur
Paul Furness and Caroline Hornby plus Cath Bunn from INVOC

There are three junor teams in the age 44- class and two in the 36- class made up from the following. The very best of luck to all concerned.

Mairi Weir    
Scarlett Britain    
Josh Britain    
Daniel Campbell    
Hannah Kingham    
Chris Hornby    
David Spencer    
Faith Kenyon    
Fergus Kenyon    
Kate McLuckie    
Finlay McLuckie    
Isobel Howard    
Sophie Howard    
Fraser Haig    
Eva Wiseman




(2nd May) Latest Club Newsletter

Our latest club newsletter was emailed out to all current members this morning. You can find this, and all previous issues of the Moravian TUES NEWS in the Members Area. View Newsletters

If you're a member and haven't been receiving the newsletter, this is probably because the email address we have for you is wrong. Please let us know if this is the case. 

(29th April) Scottish 6 Days Entry Fees go up on Monday

There are 56 Moravians entered so far for Royal Deeside 2017 (30 July - 5 August). Our oldest is 80 and youngest under 10! You can see who's already entered HERE

If you're wanting to run in any of the championship (age category) classes, remember that the entry fees go up by £1.50 per day at midnight on Sunday 30th April. Junior fees stay the same at £7 per day.

For newer members who aren't quite so competitive you don't have to worry, as fees for the colour-coded courses (White, Yellow, Orange, Light Green, Green) don't increase til 30th June. And you can take part for as little as £4.

Whatever you do, don't miss the opportunity to run with 4,000 others in the UK's biggest orienteering event, even if you can only only attend one day. It will inspire you for ever. You don't have to enter for the whole week, but we recommend you try one of the earlier days. Many people who have entered for one day have found themselves coming back for more!

Remember that Moravian's day for heping out is Day 5 - Friday 4th August. If you're looking to make new friends in the club and help a massive team effort involving volunteers from all Scottish orienteering clubs, let our day co-ordinators (Roo Hornby and Andrew Campbell) know they you're available.

See the Royal Deeside 2017 Website for full event details

(27th April) Coaching Opportunities with INVOC

INVOC have very kindly offered us the opportuity to join with their coaching sessions at Lochandinty, near Croy (Nairn) on Sunday 30 April and 7 May (1100-1230).

There are separate sessions for Yellow, Orange, Light Green and Green+ standards.

Names, and the level you want to train at are required by the Friday tea time before each session, along with the ages of any juniors.

Any Moravian coaches who would like to go and help please let Suzanne (INVOC's coaching co-ordinator) know. This is a great opportunity to develop inter-club relationships, and pooling resources like this will open up opportunities that we might not otherwise be able to offer members.

Details on INVOC's coaching page.


(25th April) Scottish Champs Relay Teams

There's been an excellent response so far from people wanting to be in a Moravian relay team at the Scottish Relay Champs near Edinburgh on 21st May.

We have to enter teams by 5th May so if you've not already put your name forward please inform Pippa (juniors) and Eddie (seniors) of your availability by the absolute deadline of Sunday 30th April.  Please remember that you need to make your own entry for the individual champs the previous day.

Email addresses to cotat are:

phweir (at) (juniors)

eddie (at) (seniors)

As of 25th April, the names we have are:

Juniors   Seniors
Mairi Weir   Roo Hornby
Scarlett Britain   Andrew Campbell
Josh Britain   Lil Kenyon
Daniel Campbell   Phil Kenyon
Hannah Kingham   Fran Britain
Chris Hornby   Nikki Howard
David Spencer   Stephen Wiseman
Faith Kenyon   Ali Wiseman
Fergus Kenyon   Pippa Weir
Kate McLuckie   Colin Matheson
Finlay McLuckie   Peter McLuckie
Isobel Howard   Morag McLuckie
Sophie Howard    
Fraser Haig    
Eva Wiseman