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(13th April) British Orienteering Incentive Scheme to be Resurrected

This article is mainly for the info of Moravian members who are working at improving their orienteering skills, and ultimately being able to orienteer confidently at Green and above standard (Technical Difficulty level 5). 

Members will have seen the item in TUES NEWS of 11th April about the British Orienteering Incentive Scheme and how the automatic notifications system had stopped working some time ago. Members are supposed to be sent an email whenever they have achieved any of the Navigation or Racing awards for the 5 technical difficulty levels. The email includes a certificate that you can print off and Ali, our Secretary, is supposed to be notified. But the system was broke! None of this has been happening. Many people will be unaware that the scheme even exists and we're been kept in the dark about what awards you've all been achieving!

After an event, clubs upload the results to the British Orienteering data base, and provided your membership number is included, you will get an appropriate credit towards your next certificate. In the case of Level C events and above, M/W16s and above will also get ranking points towards your total in the national rankings list.

I wrote to British Orienteering to let them know about the problem, and the good news is that they've acted quickly to get it fixed. An email received from BO today said:

Thank you for looking into this, I have spoken to Craig Anthony, head of development about this and he has informed me that we do intend to do a big push on the incentive schemes when the new website goes live at the end of the month. Craig is also writing an article for Mike’s eNews regarding the scheme and what clubs must do in order for it to operate properly. 

This is a great scheme for our newer members, and particularly juniors. The Scottish Orienteering Badge Scheme that Morag runs rewards participation, but this is a chance for you to track your progress as you get to grips with each technical difficulty level.

You can find out more about the scheme HERE but a summary is given below:

To get a Navigation Award you have to complete 3 courses at the appropriate technical difficulty (TD):

White (TD1) = 1 star

Yellow (TD2) = 2 stars

Orange (TD3) = 3 stars

Light Green (TD4) = 4 stars

Green or above (TD5) = 5 stars


To get a Racing Award you have to complete 3 courses at a certain speed (measured in minutes per Km).

There are Bronze, Silver and Gold standards for each star level.

Bronze = 20 mins per Km
Silver = 15 mins per Km

Gold = 12.5 mns per Km

It is relatively easy to get to Gold on White and Yellow, but more challenging at Orange and beyond. The challenge is to get a 5 star Racing Award!


If anyone needs to know any more about the scheme please speak to me at an event.


Mike Rodgers

(10th April) Moravians on the Road Again

More and more club members have been discovering the joys of taking a day out "over the hill" to experience an event put on by one of our neighbours.

Not only does this bring you points for the Club League, but you will also discover some super parts of the country. Orienteering at a place you've never been to before is just great for bringing on your orienteering ability, and it's always fun running against people you don't know. Plus it's nice to surprize other clubs when they see a mass of Moravian colours in their midst. 

The latest club "away day" was at Crathes Castle on Royal Deeside on Sunday 9th April where 16 Moravians took part in GRAMP's event. The Kenyons, McLuckies, Spencers, McArthurs, Andrew Campbell, Ken Anderson and former Chairman Donald Grassie were our club representatives. Oonagh ran in her GRAMP colours but we'll let her off.  It was nice to see GRAMP saying how pleased they were to see a sizeable MOR contingent at their event.

As you might expect, with some people running on a challenging area for the first time, there was quite a range of times, but everyone achieved that sought-after clear round - guaranteeing them a points haul for the league.

Finlay McLuckie seems to be making a habit of winning Yellow courses by quite a big margin these days. Crathes was no different as he won by over 6 minutes against 16 other runners. Finlay is only 9 this year which means that he has another year running Yellow standard in major competitons,. But it's pretty obvious that he'll soon be ready to move up to Orange standard which is what the M/W12s compete at in the Scottish League and other big competitions. Finlay's sister Kate, who is 10 this year, is already running Orange whenever she isn't running in her age group. Her performance at Crathes was great - she came 2nd from 20 runners!

Another Moravian junior running at a level above the standard required for her age group is Faith Kenyon. Faith is 12 this year which means she's in the W12 category. While she runs Orange in major events, Faith has been testing herself on Light Green whenever she can, and after a few learning experiences is really starting to get a grip of Technical Difficulty 4 (5 being the hardest). She had a great run coming 2nd from 14 runners, beaten only by one of MAROC's W14 starlets. Her younger brother Fergus has decided that Yellow is too boring and has been fearlessly tackling Orange courses this year. Crathes was his best one yet - 7th place! Like Kate and Finlay, Faith and Fergus have been regulars at club training sessions and are already signed up for Darnaway next week. Need I say more?


Also getting very much to grips with Light Green is David Spencer who moved in to the M14 category this year. His 5th place will have given him confidence for some of the big events coming up this spring/summer. With a 5K PB of under 19 minutes, David's speed is something he has to try to keep in check so he has a chance of reading the map! One of these days the map reading and the running speed will all come together at once for one of those sensational "runs of a lifetime". He's certainly doing all the right things by gaining experience wherever he can. Our two older juniors at Crathes had a close battle. Jennifer Spencer (W16) and Greg Anderson (M18) were separated by only 17 seconds on the Green course, with Greg taking the honours. Both were safely in the middle of the field of 33 runners which is a good show in anyone's book at that level.

Among the seniors, top honours once again went to Morag McLuckie who was 6th on Green. Morag hasn't been running TD5 courses all that long, but she certainly seems to be getting the hang of it after coming back in to orienteering after a long break once her kids were old enough to take part. We're told she used to be really good when running for Forres Academy as Morag Vass back in the 1980s! Morag was first female on the course. Well done!  Ken Anderson, who broke his 5K parkrun PB at Elgin on Saturday, had an excellent run to come 16th in just over the hour while Shona Spencer, still recovering from her hernia op, showed her legendary stamina by keeping going for 80 minutes.

Meanwhile, the nutcases were fighting amongst themselves on Blue. Andrew Campbell, predictably, was top dog in 9th, but only 5 and a half minutes and 3 places further back was Colin McArthur, still a relative new kid on the block and a man with potential for sure! Donald, Kirsty, Peter and Elizabeth all packed well, taking consecutive 15th to 18th places respectively to all get in under the 100-minute mark.  Phil Kenyon, running his shiny new o shoes after his taped-together affairs finally gave up the ghost, hung on in there for 2 honourble hours and 5 memorable minutes to gallantly bring up the rear. "They weren't stilettos as his time might make you think" said a merciless Mrs Kenyon afterwards. "He was just slightly more rubbish than I was". I beg to disagree; this was a Blue course on Royal Deeside. Those of you who have tried one will understand.

The Club League Table is starting to take shape, with a definite McLuckie bias. But there's still plenty time for all that to change. Eddie has listed all the counting events on the top line of the League table, and with all days of the Scottish 6 Days to count there will be a lot of members with the full 6 counting events by the end of the year. The Saturday League is great for our mass-participation local events, but this League is the one where you can really make your technical skills count.

We'd love to see more members being part of this friendly club rivalry, and enjoying some of the cameraderie that you get at away days. If you're not sure whether it's for you, just speak to anyone in a Moravan top at Millbuies who looks as if they know what they're doing. They'll hopefully convince you to give it a try, and the practice on unfamiliar terrain is bound to improve your orienteering.

The next chance to score points in the Club League is at Tyrebagger Woods (this side of Aberdeen just off the A96) on Sunday 28th May. But the week before that we have the away day to beat all away days - the Scottish Champs near Edinburgh. Team Captains Eddie Harwood (seniors) and Pippa Weir (juniors) will soon be busy recruiting runners for the team.

Results from Crathes

Split Times

Route Gadget


(5th April) Good take-up for coaching evening - but more novice members would be nice

There's been a very good initial response to Steve's next training session at Darnaway on the 19th. 20 people coming as at 5th April. Several experienced members have offered to help newer members get to grips with contours.

The only disappointment so far is that it's the same crowd who always come to training sessions. This is exactly the sort of informal, laid-back club session that people have been asking for in the member survey. Newer members should try to get along if you possibly can - it doesn't matter how new or inexperienced you are.

It's a glorious bit of woodland, and the session will give you the opportunity to learn from the experts. You'll be able practice some skills in your own time without any pressure of competition.  There are few better ways of getting to make friends with others in the club!

(3rd Apr) Go on an Away Weekend - MOR does Double Dukes


Several Moravian families made the trek to the Callander and Trossachs area for the Forth Valley Orienteers ‘Double Dukes’ Weekend, named in honour of the Dukes Pass which splits the two areas that were used.  These weekends are great fun to see what it is like Orienteering elsewhere whilst still having a few familiar faces around.  In the next few months look out for a weekend in Oban on 13/14 May run by and, most importantly the Scottish Championships Weekend (19-21 May) near North Berwick, which is also a Moray schools long weekend and offers 3 events on Fri, Sat & Sun. The areas are excellent

·         Fri 19 May – Urban Sprint Event at Tranent to East of Edinburgh

·         Sat 20 May – Scottish Individual Champs at Gullane – like our Dune areas (most like Findhorn)

·         Sun 21 May -  great opportunity to run a Relay at Binning Wood, which offers a historic (18th Century) complex former garden that is now forested.  It would be great to get plenty of relay teams entered; the atmosphere is excellent.  Eddie Harwood and Alan Halliday will be looking out for names soon and MOR pays half your entry fee for a relay J

The entry fees for these events are a bit more because of the complexity and costs of putting on much bigger events (like our October Culbin and recent Feb Night and Sprint).

Now back to the Double Dukes…..The Orienteering was interspersed with a Scottish Orienteering Junior Development Conference, where we were really well represented by John Bonsall and Pippa Weir.  John did the Juniors really proud and reminded everyone that it is not all about developing ‘elites’ among the juniors.  All results and Routegadget from the weekend are available here.

We were blessed with beautiful Spring weather in a region that is not well known to many of us and 2 very different areas.  Saturday offered a Middle Distance Event (course lengths similar to Sat League) on the edge of Aberfoyle.  The area was a mixture of deciduous woodland, marshland and streams; an excellent area for the event; check out the video on the Moravian Public Facebook page (you don’t have to be on Facebook to see it) to get a feel; also, spot the Moravians, which isn’t easy because not many are wearing MOR O tops!  The McLuckies took in the Saturday event on their way on holiday.  All of them had good runs and on the Blue Course, Roo Hornby enjoyed a head-to-head battle with Peter, who is improving really rapidly. Others taking part included Colin Matheson, the Kenyons, Grassies, Hornbys, Weirs, Hannah Kingham, ably supported by her mum and sister Siobhan who is a Scottish Junior Athletics International formerly coached by our own Scott Hamliton.  There were plenty of family dogs on show as well, but not the Kenyon puppies. Hannah Kingham was delighted to have finished ahead of all her peer group and everyone else ran close to their best.  A special mention goes to Fergus Kenyon who completed his first Orange Course.  

The villages of both Aberfoyle and Callander were looking at their very best in the sunshine and hosted everyone in a variety of campsites, camper vans, and local hostelries overnight.

Sunday moved to The Trossachs for a Scottish Orienteering League (SOL) fixture.  This is THE toughest area in the UK both technically and physically.  Courses are shorter than normal, but times are longer!  It was great to see that the Curran Family (all 6 of them) made the journey down and the girls very definitely came out on top with Mum Karen on Orange and girls Hayley and Gemma doing well on White; although Dad Mick, wisely decided not to venture out on a course by himself (he needed his daughters’ guidance).  Many of us came down to earth with a bump, each with a story to tell of what might have been.  Have a peak at Routegadget to see Roo Hornby’s walkabout on Short Brown leg 13-14 and Colin Matheson on Blue leg 1-2.  The trick here is to identify the marshes, streams and wet ditches and use them as line feature (along with a few very distinctive crags); often it is quicker taking 3 sides of a square via the low routes than trying to plough ‘over the top’ in a straight line; Roo and Colin just didn’t quite execute right!  Whilst there were some disappointments, everyone was incredibly proud to have given it their best and the venue was looking at it’s best.  Furthermore, the drive home on Sunday afternoon had the highlands looking absolutely amazing.

(2nd April) Moravians Tough It Out in the Trossachs

17 Moravians made the long trip down to Aberfoyle and the Trossachs for Forth Valley O Club's "Double Dukes" weekend. On Saturday, Pippa Weir and John Bonsall represented the club at the SOA Conference to map out the future of junior and schools orienteering in Scotland. Big thanks to them both for giving up their time and energy to contribute to this important debate on behalf of our club - and especially to John who sought the opinons of other club juniors before taking his place on the 6-person junior project team. John had to rush back on the train straight after the conference to get a flight to Germany at 6am on Sunday!

If you can't remember what the conference was about, here's a reminder

Saturday's race was a middle-distance event where there were some quite impressive Moravian performances, wkth Hannah Kingham 2nd on Light Green among the best. Sunday's Scottish O League race was at the man-eating Trossachs where many an elite orienteer has come to grief in the past.  This is probably the toughest, most technical orienteering area in the UK. Character-building stuff indeed!

Times for most people were predictably on the long side - except for young Hayley Curran who was 2nd on the White Course. Well done to Hayley, and to everyone else who toughed it out.

Results from South Achray Middle-Distance Race 1st Apr

Ranking Points from Achray

Results from SOL2 - The Trossachs 2nd Apr

Ranking Points from The Trossachs

(1st April) Committee Minutes Published - Some Big News

It's no April Fool! We're looking at (subject to obtaining funding) changing to Sportident! All this and other news in the committee minutes that are just out.

New format for Club Champs - Relay Events - Scottish Score Champs and lots more.

The links below are where you can see the full minutes, plus some the the information behind the SI/Club Champs decisions.

Link to minutes

Pros and Cons of SI vs EMIT as presented to the committee

Alan's Presentation of the new Club Champs format


(30th March) Moravian Kids Star in Schools Cross Country

There was some tremendous running from Moravian juniors in the Moray Primary Schools Cross Country races that were held at Lossie on Monday 27th March. An amazing 770 kids from 37 schools took part - almost 200 in each race! Active Schools have published the top 25 in each of the 4 races together with the team results. See…/moray-primary-schools-cross-co…/

The Moravian members we've picked out are the ones finishing in the top 25 in their race. The names are listed below. Hopefully we haven't missed anyone! Well done also to everyone who took part but finished outside the top 25.

P4/5 Girls
2nd Sophie Howard (clearly another Isobel in the making!)
11th Scarlett Britain

P4/5 Boys
7th Finlay McLuckie
24th Andrew Seton

P6/7 Boys
2nd Bruce Evans
11th Michael Bishenden
25th Will Chetwynd

Keep up the effort with the running kids. If you can work on your orienteering technique while developing your running speed you'll become an amazing orienteer! 


(30th March) Nairn Practice Courses Updated - Last Few Days for Culbin Training

The permanent practice courses at Nairn Links have just been updated and checked. As well as maps being available for download via the British Orienteering Permanent Course Portal, they are also available from James's Cafe by the Putting Green, and also Nairn Swimming Pool.

There are 3 course options, and while the navigation isn't difficult, they do make a good sprint training run for established members, while for beginners and children they are excellent for getting familiar with o maps and the basics. Perhaps best of all they are great for members who want to introduce friends to orienteering before bringing them to an actual event.

Our practice courses at Culbin are only available for a few more days. If you're intending using them please act fast. Maps are available via the "Coaching/MAD" tab, but you will need to be logged in with your user name to access them.

(26th Mar) Moravians in Action Up and Down the Country - Ali does an o-biathlon act at Uath Lochans!

Click on the title to read the story.......

Facing the big guns in the Midlands

Ali goes swimming at Uath Lochans
Moravian kids ooze confidence
Two New Embryonic Moravian Coaches

It was a big weekend down in the English Midlands where the latest round of UK Urban League at Rugby on Saturday coincided with the British Junior Team Selection races at Warwick University. Then on Sunday it was the Midlands Championships at Bentley Woods near Atherstone. Kathryn (W18) and Daniel (M16) were both up against the best in Britain - the standard was incredibly high! We had a few senior members taking part, with the Furnesses enjoying a reunion with their former club.

Liz Barr and Andrew Campbell both had decent runs at Rugby, ending up 6th in their respective W50 and M50 classes. Liz had the best run on Sunday, just missing out on a "Championship" time by 12 seconds

Saturday Results from Rugby
GB Junior Sprint Selection results from Warwick
Sunday results from Bentley

Also on Sunday a good contingent of 19 members managed to outnumber host club BASOC at Uath Lochans in a well-attended event in glorious sunshine at a splendid venue. Being a Level D event with nothing much at stake other than personal pride, it was great to see some members really stretching themselves by taking on longer/harder courses than they are used to in what is a very technical and tough area. David Spencer in particular, after his sensational time at Elgin parkrun on Saturday (first to finish in 18:58) successfully got round Green which is no mean undertaking for a 12 year old! He refused to be put off by a 40-minute leg to No 2 which is a great example to be setting to everyone! Mastering those difficult skills is all about making mistakes and learning from them. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Ali Wisman was seen SWIMMING across the lochan to reach one of her controls instead of taking the much longer path option! Thanks to Chris Spencer for revealing that gem!

Isobel Howard continues to impress whenever she sets foot in a forest. Her 2nd place (1st junior) on Light Green was another great run. Faith Kenyon, now with a few light greens under her belt, seems to have no fear of this standard and was 4th out of 15 runners; Ida too showed that Light Green has no fear for her, even in a unknown forest miles from home. No mean achievement for kids still at primary school.


 It was nice to see Kirsten Main back in action on the White course where she managed to win by 34 seconds. With every right to be especially proud of herself is young Hannah Wiseman who completed a White course all on her own for the very first time - without even having mum waiting at the finish. Great to see such confidence developing in our youngest members!

Perhaps the other gold star has to go to Katherine Taylor who finished 6th in a good field of 33 runners on Green, claiming bragging rights over hubby Warwick by 4 minutes. New member Linda Rawlinson, who has been getting a bit of coaching from Rachel Provan, coped gamely and was unlucky to get "DQ'd" after missing one control after refusing to be put off by a couple of large time losses.

These sort of events are all about learning those skills so really well done to everyone who "stuck with it".

Results from Uath Lochans


And to cap it all, Fiona Newcombe and Morag McLuckie were away doing their coaching foundation course which they really enjoyed by all accounts. They took no persuading to sign up to do their UKCC Level 1 coaching course in the relatively near future - so that means two new Moravian coaches in the pipeline. Fantastic stuff ladies!

(20th March) MAD bonus in Culbin is open and Lossie MAD closes Friday 24th

At the weekend the Scottish Junior Squad were training in Culbin and have left the controls out so we can go MAD. Elizabeth Furness planned the exercises and has provided the brief coaching notes to go with them. They are planned for Technical Difficulty 5 (ie Green standard and beyond). There are no numbers on the kites and most are hung on trees/sticks so we’ll leave them out for 2 weeks max. Enjoy!

For more info see Coaching/MAD page

MAD = Moravian Athlete Development. It's our DIY training facility where training controls are set out in one of our wonderful outdoor gyms for members to practice in their own time.

Lossie Controls will be removed after Friday 24th March.