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(1st April) Committee Minutes Published - Some Big News

It's no April Fool! We're looking at (subject to obtaining funding) changing to Sportident! All this and other news in the committee minutes that are just out.

New format for Club Champs - Relay Events - Scottish Score Champs and lots more.

The links below are where you can see the full minutes, plus some the the information behind the SI/Club Champs decisions.

Link to minutes

Pros and Cons of SI vs EMIT as presented to the committee

Alan's Presentation of the new Club Champs format


(30th March) Moravian Kids Star in Schools Cross Country

There was some tremendous running from Moravian juniors in the Moray Primary Schools Cross Country races that were held at Lossie on Monday 27th March. An amazing 770 kids from 37 schools took part - almost 200 in each race! Active Schools have published the top 25 in each of the 4 races together with the team results. See…/moray-primary-schools-cross-co…/

The Moravian members we've picked out are the ones finishing in the top 25 in their race. The names are listed below. Hopefully we haven't missed anyone! Well done also to everyone who took part but finished outside the top 25.

P4/5 Girls
2nd Sophie Howard (clearly another Isobel in the making!)
11th Scarlett Britain

P4/5 Boys
7th Finlay McLuckie
24th Andrew Seton

P6/7 Boys
2nd Bruce Evans
11th Michael Bishenden
25th Will Chetwynd

Keep up the effort with the running kids. If you can work on your orienteering technique while developing your running speed you'll become an amazing orienteer! 


(30th March) Nairn Practice Courses Updated - Last Few Days for Culbin Training

The permanent practice courses at Nairn Links have just been updated and checked. As well as maps being available for download via the British Orienteering Permanent Course Portal, they are also available from James's Cafe by the Putting Green, and also Nairn Swimming Pool.

There are 3 course options, and while the navigation isn't difficult, they do make a good sprint training run for established members, while for beginners and children they are excellent for getting familiar with o maps and the basics. Perhaps best of all they are great for members who want to introduce friends to orienteering before bringing them to an actual event.

Our practice courses at Culbin are only available for a few more days. If you're intending using them please act fast. Maps are available via the "Coaching/MAD" tab, but you will need to be logged in with your user name to access them.

(26th Mar) Moravians in Action Up and Down the Country - Ali does an o-biathlon act at Uath Lochans!

Click on the title to read the story.......

Facing the big guns in the Midlands

Ali goes swimming at Uath Lochans
Moravian kids ooze confidence
Two New Embryonic Moravian Coaches

It was a big weekend down in the English Midlands where the latest round of UK Urban League at Rugby on Saturday coincided with the British Junior Team Selection races at Warwick University. Then on Sunday it was the Midlands Championships at Bentley Woods near Atherstone. Kathryn (W18) and Daniel (M16) were both up against the best in Britain - the standard was incredibly high! We had a few senior members taking part, with the Furnesses enjoying a reunion with their former club.

Liz Barr and Andrew Campbell both had decent runs at Rugby, ending up 6th in their respective W50 and M50 classes. Liz had the best run on Sunday, just missing out on a "Championship" time by 12 seconds

Saturday Results from Rugby
GB Junior Sprint Selection results from Warwick
Sunday results from Bentley

Also on Sunday a good contingent of 19 members managed to outnumber host club BASOC at Uath Lochans in a well-attended event in glorious sunshine at a splendid venue. Being a Level D event with nothing much at stake other than personal pride, it was great to see some members really stretching themselves by taking on longer/harder courses than they are used to in what is a very technical and tough area. David Spencer in particular, after his sensational time at Elgin parkrun on Saturday (first to finish in 18:58) successfully got round Green which is no mean undertaking for a 12 year old! He refused to be put off by a 40-minute leg to No 2 which is a great example to be setting to everyone! Mastering those difficult skills is all about making mistakes and learning from them. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Ali Wisman was seen SWIMMING across the lochan to reach one of her controls instead of taking the much longer path option! Thanks to Chris Spencer for revealing that gem!

Isobel Howard continues to impress whenever she sets foot in a forest. Her 2nd place (1st junior) on Light Green was another great run. Faith Kenyon, now with a few light greens under her belt, seems to have no fear of this standard and was 4th out of 15 runners; Ida too showed that Light Green has no fear for her, even in a unknown forest miles from home. No mean achievement for kids still at primary school.


 It was nice to see Kirsten Main back in action on the White course where she managed to win by 34 seconds. With every right to be especially proud of herself is young Hannah Wiseman who completed a White course all on her own for the very first time - without even having mum waiting at the finish. Great to see such confidence developing in our youngest members!

Perhaps the other gold star has to go to Katherine Taylor who finished 6th in a good field of 33 runners on Green, claiming bragging rights over hubby Warwick by 4 minutes. New member Linda Rawlinson, who has been getting a bit of coaching from Rachel Provan, coped gamely and was unlucky to get "DQ'd" after missing one control after refusing to be put off by a couple of large time losses.

These sort of events are all about learning those skills so really well done to everyone who "stuck with it".

Results from Uath Lochans


And to cap it all, Fiona Newcombe and Morag McLuckie were away doing their coaching foundation course which they really enjoyed by all accounts. They took no persuading to sign up to do their UKCC Level 1 coaching course in the relatively near future - so that means two new Moravian coaches in the pipeline. Fantastic stuff ladies!

(20th March) MAD bonus in Culbin is open and Lossie MAD closes Friday 24th

At the weekend the Scottish Junior Squad were training in Culbin and have left the controls out so we can go MAD. Elizabeth Furness planned the exercises and has provided the brief coaching notes to go with them. They are planned for Technical Difficulty 5 (ie Green standard and beyond). There are no numbers on the kites and most are hung on trees/sticks so we’ll leave them out for 2 weeks max. Enjoy!

For more info see Coaching/MAD page

MAD = Moravian Athlete Development. It's our DIY training facility where training controls are set out in one of our wonderful outdoor gyms for members to practice in their own time.

Lossie Controls will be removed after Friday 24th March.



(18th March) Mayne Wood Results

Another good attendance with about 150 people at the event including our great band of helpers. 107 people ran the courses; results are now in our results section (see below). Click on the title to read more.

There was a corruption in the display of everyone's times which has now been fixed, although the "win splits" display is still wrong. To see your split times go to the other split times link.

Huge thaks go to organizer Ali Wisman and course desgner Steve Smirthwaite, both of whom have put in a great deal of work to make this event as good as it was. Steve even re-drew part of the map to make it as up-do-date as possible. Both had to travel through from their homes in Nairn to do all the pre-event work and we thank them for the time they have spent commuting as well as everything else!

Here are Ali's cmments after the event:

"At Mayne wood on Saturday the sun shone, the courses were great and made very inventive use of the area and got rave reviews...when regulars are sweating and smiling and newcomers go back round again we know we've done something right.   It was fun to see people doing the warm-up ideas on the way to the start - next time I would make the signs bigger and bolder.
A big thanks from me to everyone who helped make the event such a success.  We are very fortunate to have a good member team who help run our events, and with more newer members helping out it meant that some people who had been very busy with our big events in February actually had the day off.  Big thanks especially to all the young people who helped out very keenly and capably, and also those who gave up their maps to let others run their course."

On the subject of recycling maps, we had a few problems with map shortages which should be avoidable. Please note the following which Ali has sent in based on comments receved from various people:

"The organiser for each event needs to estimate the number of maps needed.  Maps are usually ordered on the Thursday morning before the event, so we ask that you try to complete the survey by the Wednesday evening. It doesn't either oblige you or guarantee you a map on the day; it merely gives us an idea of numbers required.  We always order a few extra especially on the easier courses.  We know changes in the weather and all sorts of other things might change your mind by Saturday, and that's OK...  you can still do the survey to warn us, or tell us on the day.  When you register and confirm on the day, choose a course and then please stick to it.  It seems on Saturday some people changed their mind from Short to Long Light Green by the time they got to the start, meaning that others who had registered and paid in good faith did not get a map, very annoying and very awkward for the volunteers at the start who have to sort it out. Fortunately others who had finished lent their maps, but it shouldn't be necessary.. thank you very much!"


Our next event is on Sat 22nd April at Millbuies, but between now and then there are various other events coming up run by neighbouring clubs. In particular there are events tomorrow (Sunday) near Aboyne and also just South of Inverness at Littlemill, near Farr (a lovely area incidentally)


Check out the "events by other clubs" section at the bottom of our home page to see a few that we've picked out in the coming weeks and months. There's a full fixture list covering the whole of the UK on the British Orienteering Web Site - you can fliler them by location to find the nearest one to wherever you happen to be at the time!

(16th March) Our Event at Mayne Wood (Elgin) This Saturday

Please pre-register HERE

On Thursday morning we ordered the course maps based on the number of people who have registered by the requested deadline of 15th March. We have ordered a few spares to cater for people who find out about the event after the deadline so hopefully everyone should get a run on whichever course they want. Entry numbers are listed below.

Make sure you take a look at the event info before coming along. Please complete a registration slip on arrival at the event even if you've pre-registered - if you want, you can print one off from the link on the left hand side of our home page. There are 4 different courses to choose from.

And don't forget to bring some extra cash for the refresments that the school are putting on towards their Zimbabwe project.

White course (1.5 Km) 13 entries, 25 maps

Yellow course (1.8 Km) 18 entries 40 maps

Junior Light Green (2.8 Km) 29 entries 37 maps

Senior Light Green (3.5 Km) 28 entries 33 maps

(14th March) INVOC Psyched Out at Tentsmuir ... and other tales from our Juniors about our trip to Fife

Kathryn and the rest of our juniors got their heads togther on the trip back to send us this entertaining story of our trip to the Compass Sport Cup Scottish Heat in Fife.............

Last Sunday, a team of 37 Moravians travelled down into the depths of Fife to Tentsmuir Forest to make our mark in the hotly-contested Compass Sport Cup heats. The long bus journey (which definitely didn’t include any encounters with a rather large barn….) flew by with the help of endless quiz rounds bringing out our team spirit and competitive flair. By the time we arrived we were all raring to go and show Scotland what a great club we are! Shame this was over an hour and a half before the first Moravian start though…. I could have had an extra hour in bed!!

Soon enough however the first few Moravians were heading off to the start, and what seemed like only a heartbeat later Finlay McLuckie came bounding back after completing his 3km yellow course in 19 minutes!

The Compass Sport Cup is an annual British inter-club competition, where heats are held around the country and the best small and large clubs then battle it out in a gruelling final to crown the best clubs in Britain. This event on Sunday was the Scottish heats and seeing as Moravian has so many great members, we are part of the large club competition. The top two clubs in this section qualify for the final, therefore all we had to do was beat 1 of INVOC or FVO… easy!

Soon the competition was in full swing, Moravian runners were hopping, skipping and jumping their way around the sand-dune forest, and INVOC and FVO being suitably distracted by Fergus’ stink bomb which he set off on route to the start…! The area lent itself perfectly to Moravian’s abilities with Isobel’s favourite part being the coastal dunes which reminded her of Roseisle or Lossie forests. This reminder of home certainly helped our runners fly around their courses with top 10 performances coming from Jon Hollingdale, David Weir, Daniel Campbell, Kathryn Barr, John Pullen, Isobel Howard, David Spencer, Finlay McLuckie and Emily Fraser. Course wins also came from Jon, John and Finlay. An impressive list I’m sure you’ll agree! Faith said her favourite part of the day was downloading and seeing what a great time she achieved! J

After all the runs had taken place our juniors also showed the rest of Scotland how good they were in an intense game of tig, which was Fergus’ favourite part of the trip.

These great team results (and plentiful psyching out of INVOC) meant Moravian took 2nd place in the large clubs competition and a place in the grand final from our next door neighbours INVOC.

Overall a result to be proud of from Moravian, and special thanks to Kingdom of Fife Orienteers (KFO) for putting on such a great event.


By Kathryn Barr

You can read the other report, which includes a link to all the results, by following this link



(12th March) Compass Sport Cup Scottish Heat - 2nd Place for Moravian and Qualification for Final

With cup holders and favourites Forth Valley Orienteers fielding an exceptonally large and strong team, the best we could realistically hope for was 2nd. And we achieved exactly that! (click on title to see rest of story)

As things turned out, we came closer than we might have expected, finishing with 2389 pts to Forth Valley's 2459 with INVOC a distant 3rd. ESOC (the other "large" Scottish Club) were obviously terrified as despite having several runners at the event, they hadn't entered the competition. There were some fine performances, particularly from those seniors and juniors who "ran up" in a harder category so as to give us a better spread of runners in the various categories. To show how much bredth we had, we were the ONLY club in the whole country that had at least one counting scorer in each of the 11 categories! And that includes all the Trophy competitors too.

The undoubted superstars were Jon Hollingdale and Isobel Howard who scored 100-point "maximums". The prize for tenacity has to go to Scott Hamiton who "enjoyed" 144 minutes of running to successfully conquer the Brown Course and become one of our higher points scorers. This really is what teamwork is all about.

By all accounts the bus journey was entertainment personified. According to our bus correspondent (Roo), the Kenyon family quiz will long stick in the mind. So will what Fergus did to his cornflakes under Faith's direction, and also the Scrumpy Jack question! "The entertainment was well worth the trip" according to one of our members.

Back to the serious matter in hand. Our 25 scoring runners were as follows:

Isobel Howard   100
Jon Hollingdale   100
Hannah Kingham   98
David Weir   98
Daniel Campbell   98
David Spencer   98
Nikki Howard   98
Donald Grassie   98
Elizabeth Furness   97
Alan Halliday   97
Kirsty McArthur   96
Scott Hamilton   96
Colin Matheson   96
Faith Kenyon   96
Kathryn Barr   96
Paul Furness   95
Morag McLuckie   95
Kaisa Oikkonen   94
Pippa Weir   94
Elizabeth Barr   93
Mairi Weir   92
Fiona Newcombe   92
Andrew Campbell   92
Rupert Hornby   90*
Ken Anderson   90*

* our 24th and 25th counters were any two from Roo, Ken, Fran or Jennifer Spencer as all scored 90 points (and were in the top 4 from the club on that course or pair of courses)


Thanks to Kingdom of Fife Orienteers for putting on a great event - no mean achievement for quite a small club. You can check out the full individual and team results and split times via THIS LINK

Whether we will be able to send a team to the final in Devon in October is another matter entirely, but hopefully our great performance will inspire even more members to get involved next year (and in this year's other team events such as the Scottish Champs Relays and Jamie Stevenson Trophy). With another year's experience behind us we could get even closer still!

Look out for a report from our juniors who by all accounts were getting together on the coach trip home to come up with something more entertaining than I can give you. It should be a treat.

(7th March) Start Times for Compass Sport Cup

We have 34 members running in the Compass Sport Cup at Tentsmuir this Sunday with a further 6 coming with us for the experience and running the non-competition courses (white/yellow/light green).The start times for the Compass Sport Cup runners are in the link below. The non-CSC runners should be able to start anytime they like. Good luck everyone - we need 25 good runs!}