Sanquhar Event - A thankyou note from Kaisa and a link to the results & updated league tables

Our organizer Kaisa has asked us to put this out after today's successful event:

Another beautiful Moravian day in the Sanquhar Woods is behind us. Hope you had good runs and made lovely memories with friends and family. Thank you all for coming! Special appreciation for anyone helping out on the day.


and this has been sent in by Paul, Ben and Alana the planners. Well said!

We hope everyone had a good run at Sanquhar. We really enjoyed making the courses.  As Sanqhuar is not a very technical area, we focussed more on route choices for the light green and green courses. It has been interesting to look at routegadget so far.

Alana said "I liked making the yellow course and I hope everyone liked running it too."

Ben said " I really liked making the course on the computer - but putting out the controls took a long time!".
We loved seeing how everyone in the club comes together to help on the day. Thank you to Kaisa and Ian for organising, Donald for being our controller, Ian and Rosie for all the hard work in the tent, David for map printing and all the control collectors - Alan, Jane, Scott, Steve, Shauna, Eddie and Caroline and to everyone else who helped on the day.

Moravian Orienteers is a great club to be part of!


It was a very impressive run from junior runner David Spencer to win the top course while Anderson's Primary and Forres Academy came out tops in the Schools League team competitions. West End regained the lead at the top of the table and now seem set to become the 2017 champions. You can see full results here

Fiona has updated the Saturday League tables and you can see those here:
Senior Leagues
Junior Leagues


Mike has updated the Schools League tables and these are here:

Secondary Schools League
Primary Schools League