Soul on the mean streets of the Bronx - report from Colin

Well perhaps more accurately the Scottish Orienteering Urban League (SOUL) on the mean streets of Broxburn.  Following the voiding of courses at the Big Weekend this was an opportunity for me to go to the top of the Moravian leader board – all that was needed was to turn up and get around without mispunching. Broxburn is a very long and not particularly attractive town in the shadow of pit bings – remnants of an industrial past relating to the oil shale industry.   ESOC put on a Prologue (titter ye not) followed by a Chase. Ongoing injuries meant that getting around was the main goal and I managed what I felt was a fault free run including crossing the Union Canal (by bridge) and the Brox Burn itself.  I fared much better than one of my main rivals (Crawford) – he picked up course 3 instead of course 2 and only realised at download.  A steady and unspectacular result but this was the race that got me my SOUL ranking points.   The Chase moved slightly further west and once again crossed the burn.  Remarkable that three runners on my course still managed to miss controls in error.  It was a lovely day in not such a lovely setting – we are so lucky with the attractive venues we enjoy in Highland and Moray.