Roseisle Club Champs (Moravian members only) Sat, 19 Aug 17

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Club Champs (Moravian members only)
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Sat, 19-Aug-2017


57° 40' 20.2116" N, 3° 30' 7.5924" W
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10:30 - 11:00
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The entry survey is now closed. There are well over 100 entries which is about half of our entire membership!  Note that there are only a very limited number of spare maps (about 3 or 4) so anyone showing up on the day hoping for an entry will only get a run if someone doesn't turn up as expected.

Our Club Championships in Roseisle will be followed by a 'bring your own' club picnic (BBQ optional- there will be grills to add your food on to).

This will be followed by a short AGM at the picnic site.  We have large tents and we'll only postpone the AGM in the event of very bad weather (the Club Champs won't be postponed of course - we're orienteers, after all!).
Details have been sent out to members in the Tues News newsletter on 15th Aug. 

This year we are trying out a new format and there will be a handicap winner in the following categories:

Plus an Overall winner

Handicaps are based on the Club League scores from 2016 so everyone (theoretically) should have an equal chance of winning their category.

Alan Halliday is planning it this year and it will be a Score course with plenty Yellow-standard controls to allow younger runners to take part alongside everyone else. A score course is where everyone gets the same map with all the controls shown but no set order. You have a time limit to visit as many as you can, with penalty points deducted for being late back. So WEAR A WATCH!

If you did not compete in the club league last year don't worry, Alan has calculated a handicap for you using 'all known form.'
Notes on the handicap calculation

A handicap of '1' = no handicap. A handicap of '0.5' will have the greatest positive effect on the score. You simply divide your points score by your handicap so if your handicap is 0.5 and you score 100, your "handicap score" becomes 200.

Names with yellow highlight did not run in the main league last year and so their handicaps have been calculated from all known form.
All those with an age class against their name have entered this year's club champs.

View your handicap here


Courses available: 

Score type format with plenty Yellow standard controls for juniors and beginners who can run in pairs if they want.

Adults have 45 minutes to get as many points as possible. Juniors have 30 minutes.

We will be based at the large play park.




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Adults £3

Juniors £1

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Alan Halliday
Alan Halliday
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